Dewalt DCS380B Max Reciprocating Saw Review- Best Value Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)

We heard you were planning to spend your hard-earned money on a reciprocating saw. And so, we don’t want you to spend a penny of it before you have read our Dewalt DCS380B review.

So what’s so special about this one? An upgrade from its predecessor, the 18V, the 20V has some blasting motors, better hardware, and of course, a better battery. Their unrivaled take on lithium-ion batteries and the cordless design with improved run-time makes it a worthy competitor of all the reciprocating saws for years to come.

So be it for a small or medium project or a professional one that you need to take care of, Dewalt’s 20V can do the trick for you with its power-packed performance, versatile upgrades, and excellent control.

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Features Of Dewalt Dcs380b 20V Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt Dcs380b Review

Its notable features includes –

4-Position Blade Clamp

As many construction and demolition projects require, a reciprocating saw should be able to move flexibly when it comes to working. Can you imagine doing it when your blade is stiff and stuck to one place only? While we do appreciate a sturdy base and blade, we actually one a blade that can be manipulated to work for your projects with ease, all the while being sturdy and not coming off. For this reason, a four-position blade clamp by Dewalt comes as an utter blessing. DEWALT 20V Reciprocating Saw DCS380B - 4 position blade clamp

You can adjust the blade clamp in all directions, up, down, left, and right. So when you are stuck in a rigid corner to the right, but you need your blade to move to the left at the moment, it is possible to accomplish with this saw. This makes cutting work very easy and smooth.

However, you need to ensure the blade is clamped tight to the base. Otherwise, too much of the smooth movement may cause injuries.

Adjustable Shoe

Do you want a saw that is easy for everyone to use? That is debatable to some extent because some people prefer to have saws that can be used by professionals only. Because reciprocating saws made for professionals mean that they are made of advanced materials and are very versatile so that they can be used on a lot of projects. If you want to know some reciprocating saw hacks, you can check here.

On the other hand, saws made for amateur users are those that are made to do the basic projects and basic hobbyist actions. They aren’t as advanced. This one from Dewalt satisfies both kinds of users with its adjustable shoe. Thanks to this adjustability, you get control of your cut’s depth and the movement of your cut, hence ensuring better accuracy.

Variable Speed Trigger

As we said, the saw gives you excellent control of your tasks. So when we are talking of control, we must also talk of speed. Because when you have to work on a project fast, you may not have as much control over it if you were to do the project slowly or at a steady pace. To reduce your mistakes when you are acting fast, the variable speed trigger on the saw enables you to maintain control and accuracy even when you act hastily.

So with this saw, you can change the speed as you go, and you can go as much as 3000 RPM on the max. This precision and performance control at haste is essential when you are dealing with tough and sturdy materials.

Length of Stroke

The stroke length on this saw is 1 ⅛ inch. This allows you to finish tasks faster as you do not need to continually repeat the strokes in order to fulfill a project or a task at hand. Suppose you need to cut through a wooden slab. Would you prefer cutting it at one go or with three moves? Of course, you would prefer one stroke, and that would be possible if you have a good stroke length. So when you need to make fast actions happen, you can have it done with the 20V.


If you didn’t know already, many professionals would often face the need to work in scenarios that aren’t all bright and well-lit. They may need to work in dark and gloomy corners when demolishing an old construction site or when working on untapped floors of mansions. Not to spook you or anything, but working in low-light environments is a thing for electricians or plumbers, and at that time, the LED work light comes in great handy. It also reduces the chance of hurting yourself with the saw or making mistakes.


The saw has a rubber handle that makes it easier for you to work with utmost control and without losing your grip. Losing your grip can be extremely worrying and no way we want that! When working on projects that last unusually long, the comfort that comes from rubber grip handles are a blessing on reciprocating saws.

Pros Of Dewalt DCS380B

As you may have understood from our Dewalt DCS380B review why we stopped you from purchasing one without reading the details, you know that these are excellent tools to own.

Any type of task you have, be it hasty or needing a quick finish, or a slow and steady job, can be done securely with this saw.

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