5 Best Limbing Chainsaw For Arborists

Best limbing chainsaw

“What can I possibly do with the best limbing chainsaw for an arborist?”

The opportunities are endless, dear readers. You could climb high up a ladder and get off with the limbs of the tree. Or, you could do some hardcore cutting sitting on the tree that fell on your backyard. From an entirely different angle, you could be making cute crowns on your shrubs with your children watching from a far.

No matter what you want to choose to do, we have put together a list of some power models, some of which are gas-powered or battery-powered, eco-friendly, or fuel-dense pieces. You can carry on working in your backyard with these, do some light to medium work, or use them for your professional arborist or tree caring job. The reason we call these arborist saws is that any arborist, professional, or hobbyist can have most of their work done by these.

Nearing the end, you will also find a guide to help you buy a best limbing chainsaw for the future.

Here is a guide you’re going to know all about the best limbing chainsaw for an arborist.


Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 in. Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II has a power rating of only 1.88HP and is very lightweight in handling. These two combined make this limb saw perfect for those arborists who want to carry out some at-home, easy-going jobs. Of course, regardless of whether you are a professional or are newly developing this habit of pruning, you will find this satisfying your whims.

It has a 0.073-gallon gas task, and the fat belly enables you to lurk deep into the forest or garden without carrying the extra load from extra fuels. This is 321% more in fuel-carrying abilities than the previous 240 version, so it is a big win for arborists. Also, when you have to find your way through thick bushes and all, the quick throttle response will make sure you lose no time detangling the leafy mess. Husqvarna’s patented LowVib anti-vibration feature also makes sure that your hand doesn’t tire down with all the vibration that comes from limbing chainsaws and handling that vibration.

Overall, this gas-powered chainsaw is excellent for 2*4 projects or trimming overgrown branches and similar natural duties in your backyard.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II, 14 in. 38.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
  • Compact, casual-use chainsaw That’s designed to start up easily
  • Low kickback safety features, including built-in safety Break, reduces risk during operation
  • Husqvarna 14 in. Chainsaw for homeowner use is ideal for everyday tasks such as tree pruning, hobby work or firewood cutting
  • Simple tensioning system allows for quick adjustments while working




Chain Saw, Gas, 14 In. Bar, 30.5CC Home users step aside because this is a powerful chainsaw from Echo that can rip woods and fell trees, all the while being fuel-efficient and standard in performance. But that doesn’t mean you all can’t use it. If you like pro-level limbing chainsaws for home-use, then also you can try this one.

It has a more convenient positioning of the primer bulb which professional arborists enjoy handling. Again, for logging, the performance is fast and praiseworthy. It requires a rough measure of 5 seconds per cut.

The body of the saw is made of aluminum and weighs only 8 pounds, making it lightweight for you to handle and work with. You can keep going for 30 minutes till you get exhausted from feeling it. The small engine nicely powers the 14-inch bar and gives you a less-to-no smoke operation. But remember to use octane gas minus the ethanol when you are dealing with it. It easily cuts limbs measuring 6 to 9 inches and is good enough to take down large trees. If you need to do away with an overgrown backyard with bushes as a nuisance and dead trees all over, this gas-powered chainsaw can give you better results than most mighty corded ones.

Echo CS 310 Light Weight Limbing Chain Saw
  • Price For: Each Fuel Type: Gas Anti Vibration Handle: Yes Item: Chain Saw Chain Oiler: Automatic Includes: Chain Saw, Bar, Chain, 2 Stroke Oil, Operators Manual Bar Length: 14" Fuel Type: Gas Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.5 oz. Engine Displacement: 30.5cc Anti Vibration Handle: Yes Replacement Chain: MFR. NO. 91VG52CQ Item: Chain Saw Country of Origin (subject to change): Japan




Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery and Charger Included 20262

For nature lovers and specifically those who love to use eco-friendly material, Greenworks has just the right battery-powered and cordless option for you. These can be used by anyone ranging from tree carers, homeowners, or professional arborists due to its many promising features and benefits.

To start off, you will excessively enjoy limbing with it, because that feels like a piece of cake. Whether it is a 4-inch easy limb or the thick 10-inch tree trunk, the clean cuts and the power will please you. However, we had an issue with the bucking teeth. Because that felt more of decor than of use, usually, this tooth comes as a fulcrum, and you use the handle as a lever to do your job.

Coming back to more positive sides, it is a fat belly of oil reservoir that does not run out as you continue your operation for as long as 25 minutes. Also, you don’t have to open the oil chamber to check for remaining chain oil, as you can see from the translucent window. You don’t have to hassle much to maintain chain tension and the length of the saw blade. There is a smooth round knob that stays fixed in the place unless you choose to adjust it.

With an excellent power/weight ratio and cutting possibilities, this can be a good bargain.

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included
  • 40V COMPACT CHAINSAW – perfect for homeowners and occasional users
  • 12" BAR AND CHAIN – Low kickback safety chain with hand guard for added protection
  • AUTOMATIC OILER - applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use
  • TOOL-LESS TENSIONING – for easy bar and chain maintenance




BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch, Tool Only (LCS1020B)

Back to branches and log with this one from Black & Decker. You can use it for your garden to do light to medium cutting and crown rising jobs.

But don’t think the medium is really low for your work. Because the last time we checked, it gave us some extensive cuts with the 10 inch bar. The integrated tensioning feature of the saw enables you to adjust it for optimal blade tension. If you don’t would like to do it manually, it automatically adjusts the tension for you. Another essential feature is the self-oiling one. So you don’t have to pause in the middle of work to oil the blade.

The cuts from the saw are both smooth and clean.

Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, you can run as fast as 5 times what you would run from your gas-powered or electric chainsaws. Also, with the battery power, you can let the saw do its cutting. You don’t need to exert yourself and move forward and backward till you finally get a clean cut. It is also portable and convenient to carry, weighing less than 7.5 pounds. Overall, this noiseless chainsaw makes a good catch for backyard experiments and cuts.

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 10-Inch, Tool Only (LCS1020B)
  • 10 inches premium oregon low kickback bar and chain
  • Tool-free blade tension system for quick adjustments
  • Oiling system for lubrication of bar and chain
  • 20V max Lithium Ion chainsaw bare tool




WORX WG323 20V Power Share Cordless 10-inch  Pole Saw/Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

If we did a count of the most popular lightweight chainsaws for an arborist, WORX is sure to make a list. Being reasonably priced and loading some excellent features, this is a home user arborist’s favourite.

The ergonomic design of the model allows you to hold it comfortably in your hand and work with it.

The most exclusive features of this saw is- it can reach extra 12 Ft distance where its hard to reach to cut the brunches. This actually does the works of Pole saw as well as chain saw.

Safety shouldn’t be an extra feature, but something all manufacturers should practice and include in their products. Worx acknowledges that.

Other than the auto lubricant system, we are also fond of the tensioning system that works on its own. We have already talked about the benefits with features in our previous product. Other than these two notable features, it does a decent job in pruning branches and trimming thick bushes, to give your garden the fresh outlook you have been stalling to work on for so long. All of this happens smoothly, thanks to the battery-driven performance of the model. For people who hate spending but enjoy backyard cutting, this is it.

WORX WG323 20V 10 inch Cordless Pole/Chain Saw - Best Arborist Chainsaw
  • [12’ EXTRA REACH] It takes just a few minutes and no tools to attach the pole. And with a reach of up to 12’ and only 10 lbs., you’ll be able to get to branches and limbs before they become a problem
  • [FAST, CLEAN CUTS] This cordless 20V PowerShare chain saw is as fast and powerful as anything in its class. And with no gas, and no cord, there’s much less muss and fuss
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75plus 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
  • [AUTO-CHAIN TENSION] The automatic, tool-free chain tension system ensures you’ll always have the correct tension for the job at hand




  • The first thing that you need to maintain when purchasing a chainsaw is the convenience of use. Convenience again covers a lot of topics. Such as the ease of starting the machine, automatic chain oiling mechanism, lightweight, ease of handling, chain brake and anti-kickback chain, chain-adjustment, and anti-vibration features.

  • Another essential point is the weight. Imagine you have climbed a ladder and are cutting the top branches of a tree in your backyard. You are already positioned opposing gravity, and if the chainsaw that you are working with is heavy on your hand, you will not be able to work at all. You have to change hands or take rest, and the work will take a lot of time. So being lightweight is essential.

  • Along with weight comes the size. But did you know, large-looking chainsaws can feel light and small, compact machines can be heavy? The reason lies in the mechanism they are made in. But usually, large models are the heavier ones. Remember that the compact ones will be easy to handle and to do light/medium work with. For big trees and more significant cuts, large ones are important.

  • Lastly, go for something that will last well. By that, we mean to get a machine that gives you a good warranty and ranges over a couple of years so that you can change it as you please.


Whatever be your job and whatever the size of the tree you are dealing with, the best limbing chainsaw for arborists always makes it easy to work with. If you think you will fumble and not be able to achieve your end results, don’t worry!

Some of them come with tutorials, and most of these are tried and tested equipment. So, get along with your own research and take down that dead tree sitting in your backyard for ages!

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