5 Best Toe Kick Saw For Better Home Improvement

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If you are someone who’s been on the hunt for some serious tools for home improvement (more importantly, for subflooring), you need to stop and get your wallet out to invest only in the best toe kick saws out there. That’s it; no other fancy tools are required! Whether you want to rent it or buy it fresh from the manufacturer, a toe kick saw is just that you need to make your flooring work easier. Having trouble with your hardwood. Or tiles?

Are you not being able to reach the crazy, narrow corners of drywall, dressers, and cupboards, and is it driving you nuts? There’s a special tool for that, designed particularly to help you in “tight” situations like this, and you guessed it–it’s the toe kick saw.

That’s why we have created a roundup of the best ones out there to make your job easier and the renovation anti-stressful.

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So before we head onto the best picks, it is important to know what actually are?

Even before that, it is important to know what toe kick is. No, it has nothing to do with fighting if you’re hearing the terms for the first time. The gap between the floor or base and the cabinet front is called a toe kick or a toe space. When installing these cabinets, they are installed a little deeper than the rest of the floor.

Have you wondered how you can work so seamlessly in front of the cabinet without getting tired of the standing space? That is when the installation of your countertop should have created a notch that would be hard to stand on; how are you so easily standing on it? It is because of proper tiling.

Now, if something went wrong with your kitchen cabinet, the plumbers would need to remove it completely. But a toe kick saw is a tool that lets you insert the blade by positioning it between the hardwood and the cabinet bottom. It can cut more than tiles, though. Let’s see what!


The following are the uses of a toe kick saw:

Cut Tile

Some rooms have built-in furniture on the floor. It leaves no room for furniture removal in those cases. And even if it does, can you imagine the costs? If you love reasonable solutions, renting or buying a toe kick saw here can help. Because you can also cut the tiles of the floor without having to remove built-in-furniture using a toe kick saw. However, some toe kick saws need you to change the blade if you want to cut the tiles, like the Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw

Cutting Underlayment

A toe kick saw can also be used to cut the under layments of the floor. Situated just under the surface, floor renovation requires you to cut the underlayment as well. In such cases, just as you did without furniture and go through the tile or hardwood surface, you can get through the underlayment using your toe kick saw. When renovating, if you want to get rid of the old underlayment that the guys put on the floor, you can use the toe kick saws for unreachable corners easily.

Cut Subfloor

As we have said already, the prime reason why toe kick saws are used is that they help cut flooring material. Besides cabinets in the kitchen, other rooms with furniture may need a subfloor upgrade too. You don’t need to go after all the hassle and hard work of removing a cabinet or any other furniture, for that matter, if you are working with a toe kick saw. You just have to go along the filing and position your blade right; that’s about it!

Trim Door Jamb

When working with the entire house, you will need to upgrade more than just the floors. If you need to improve the condition of your existing door jamb or remove it and install a new one that also needs some retouch, you can use your toe kick saw on it and trim the door jamb easily.

Trim Jamb Casing

This does not hold for the ones of you that don’t have a door jamb casing and just doors without it. But if you do have one, the jamb casing can be altered and made better using a toe kick saw. No hammering and chiseling is required, you only have to work with the right blade, and you will love it!



Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw: Best Professional Toe Kick Saw

If you had been looking for something to be exceptionally fine with your subfloors without doing any damage to the rest of the furniture, here’s your catch, the best of the list today: Crain 775!Crain 775 best Toe-Kick Saw There’s a reason this one is a cult favorite with home renovators and plumbers, and that is its ability of smooth flush cutting that is clean and impressive, to say the least. It helps you to the inner wall of the toe kick of your kitchen cabinet, whether you are cutting curves or pulling it backward for a straight cut. And what’s more, it can help you get rid of unwanted underlayment too! Great for heavy-duty acts, this power tool has the following good features as well.


  • REDUCED KICKBACK: When you force excessive load on the blade, there is a clutch mechanism on the tool that disengages when you cut curves, reducing the kickback. So when you accidentally cut in reverse or mess up other ways, it keeps things safe.
  • JAMB CUTTING: This is particularly useful for door jamb cutting and can help you furnish those edges well!
  • TIME-SAVING: It makes removal of subflooring to unveil hardwood flooring just a matter of time, cutting on effort as well.
  • SAFETY: It comes with a case that can protect your equipment and wherever you are going to place it from the sharp edges of the tool, keeping everything secure.



Chicago Electric Power Tools Heavy Duty Toe-Kick Saw

CHICAGO ELECTRIC 3-3/8 in. 6.8 Amp Heavy Duty Toe Kick Saw Special

What makes you consider a tool to be worth your time? For us it is both power efficiency and safety, both of which are combined in the Chicago Electric toe kick saw that we plan to discuss here. Compared to the Crain 775, which had only a fixed cutting depth of ¾-inch, this one has cutting depth options of 1/4 in, 3/8 in, 5/8 in, 3/4 inches, four altogether! Overall, this is a great tool that gives thick precision cuts on wooden floors and is our second-best option on the list.


  • ADJUSTABLE BLADE: One of the biggest advantages and unique points of it is the versatile depth position. You can not only have a choice of how deep to cut but also get precision cuts on various materials.
  • EMERGENCY SAFETY: The trigger switch has a safety button that is accessible quickly in times of emergency to prevent accidents while flush cutting.
  • DUAL HANDLES: Holding on to the tool should be convenient, and to give you more control on the cuts; you get dual handles on this one.
  • LESS HEATING: Frequent and long-time cutting may cause the blades to heat up. However, this one is built to last for longer hours, extracting more cut and less heat!



Ironton Toe-Kick Saw

Ironton 3 3/8in. Toe-Kick Saw - 6.8 Amp flush cut saw

Something that deeply impressed us with this power tool was the control that it generates in flush cutting. Without the slightest need to move the cabinet or to destroy flooring, this toe kick saw gives you precision cuts and delivers easy maneuverability. What’s more, is that it lets you cut the board material steadily and securely. You do not need to add any sort of extra pressure. And just like the Chicago Electric saw, it gives you the dual handle convenience!


  • PRECISION: Since it comes with carbide-tipped blades, you can use it with great accuracy of blade and precision cuts, giving you efficient results.
  • SUPPORT: The dual handle gives you the support you need and helps the blade from fidgeting when you use it.
  • CONVENIENCE: Along with the toe kick saw, you also get a carbon brush kit with the set as well as an Allen wrench. This cuts down your need for extra tools.
  • POWERFUL: Can cut through any thickness with the powerful 6.8 amp, 110V motor.



Gino Development TruePower Blade Toe-Kick Saw

Gino Development 01-0820 best Toe Kick Saw, 3-3/8"

So you are out there for home improvement, but you don’t want to be spending a lot of money? If the answer is yes, and you want something reasonable and within the budget that doesn’t break your bank, here’s your catch! You could also go for this option if you’re not willing to rent any tool either. So what else is good about it? You can do flush-cutting against walls, under cabinets, and on baseboards easily with it.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The product is very lightweight, and hence using it will not be at the cost of expending much muscle power.
  • PRECISION BLADES: The blades here are Carbide-tipped, just like the Ironton Kicksaw, which enables you to cut cleanly and with accuracy.
  • VERSATILITY: No matter the thickness of the wood, it can cut anything between oakwood to plywood seamlessly, without faltering.



Dremel US40-04 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit : Best Toe Kick Saw for Price

Dremel US40-04 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit


Last one on the list, but definitely not just another toe kick saw, this one from Dremel is a versatile option for most users who are looking to buy a toe kick saw. When you are working with good, precision-cut issuing blades, you need to be able to extract good and fast performance from them. This is exactly what you get from Dremel: a combination of speed and power in flush cutting.

Besides being fast, it can be easily adjusted for different kinds of blades and can be used to cut through any thickness of the material. It also comes with a high-functioning motor delivering 7.5 amperes, which is more than most on the list today!


  • SMOOTHNESS: The tool with abrasive wheel technology that gives you smooth cuts whenever you engage in the operation, whether it is plywood floor cutting or door jamb cutting!
  • DURABILITY: You get a metal guard and foot on the tool that helps you to use it with ease and for longer periods, ensuring the durability of use.
  • VISIBILITY: The line of sight is open and well-placed to allow you to see what you are actually doing instead of attempting random flush cutting movements.




This flush cutting saw is different from regular circular saw. So knowing the use of this saw is important. The following are the steps you need to follow to know – how to use a toe kick saw.


The most important step that you need to pay attention to when working with or using a toe kick saw is the position. Positioning your blade honestly makes all the difference. Suppose you position it wrong; it will be just the same as having to remove the entire kitchen cabinet: because you are going to ruin the flooring.

To learn how you will be positioning the blade against the floor or door jamb or wherever, so that when you start, you don’t decide the position for the first time and mess things up! So before you plug it in, check out the position of the blade.


Now that you are sure of the position of the blade that you will be cutting in, you will need to plug in the tool. However, this should never happen unless you have placed the blade right. Because if you have misplaced the blade in the opposite direction or weakly placed the blade, turning on the tool will be wreaking havoc.

So once you are sure that this is the right blade position and the right blade in fact (because sometimes different materials require different blades to cut them), then you can plug in the tool.


Before you start the device, you need to have a firm grip on it. Some tools come with a single handle, while others have dual handles. While dual handles are considered to be very convenient for some, others say that may be a hassle and are easy with only one.

Whatever is the case with you, make sure you have a firm grip, with your left hand gripping the front of the tool and the right hand gripping the other end, which is closest to the safety trigger. With all of this ready, you can start the motor.


When you reach the full speed on the motor, you have to place the blade under the toe kick at 45 degrees, and then you will have to push it inside till you have reached the required depth. Also, make sure that during this time, your tool has a surface to glide over.

When people mess it up here, instead of plywood or hardwood cutting noises, they hear harsh grinding. That would mean you have reached too deep inside the floor, and now is a great time to reposition the blade and start over


All of your tasks of flush cutting have to be followed with safety precautions. Never start an operation without getting your hands and eyes ready with gloves and goggles. Also, even before you learn how to position the blade, learn where the safety trigger is so that if you can’t do it or feel under-confident midway, you can revert back to safety.

When you are done working with a bladed power tool, let the tool stop completely and then turn off the switch, not the other way around. And in the end, secure it in a case if it comes with one. And if you don’t have a case, put it aside to a safe place where the blades will not be able to do any damage.


If you can’t lay your hands on a toe kick saw due to stock out situations or have any of the following at home, these can work as great alternatives to it:

Reciprocating Saw

Another beautiful fine-crafting tool, the reciprocating saw, can be used to cut through different thicknesses and different materials. When you are demolishing or remodeling wooden floors, in particular, a reciprocating saw can be of great use. DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)

All you have to do is, ensure the same safety precautions first. Then you will ensure a firm grip on the handle as reciprocating saws can be bouncier than toe kick saws. You can easily make plunge cuts with the saw by tilting it against the floor, reaching for the depth, finishing the catch on the material back to the surface.

Now you can release the trigger and watch your blade stop before removing the material of it.

Oscillating Saw

An oscillating saw can also be a great tool when it comes to flush cutting. And not just flush cutting, the inaccessible areas that most power tools can’t get a hold of are pieces of cake for oscillating saws! DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit, Corded, 3-Amp, 29 Pieces (DWE315K) & Oscillating Tool Blade for Grout Removal, Fast Cutting, Carbide (DWA4220)

And no matter what the material is: hardwood, tile, steel, aluminum, etc. Cutting and trimming a door jamb, for example, is a task easily completed using oscillating saws. It can help you install new flooring in the existing space and keeps laborious cutting by hand or in any other matter at bay.

Even when you want flush cuts, the particular offset shape of the tool makes it easier for you to remove nails, cut through steel, and whatnot! Also, when you want to remove grout in your bath area, an oscillating tool can be a great substitution for the toe kick saws.

Angle Grinder

Last but the least, an angle grinder can prove to be quite a hard one as an alternative to toe kick saws. The reason is that, first of all, these make reaching corners a pain in the bottom. DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool, Paddle Switch, 4-1/2-Inch, 11-Amp (DWE402)

You will find it really hard to work around cabinets and tile corners if you use an angle grinder. Secondly, these are dangerous for those who do not know how to use them professionally.

What you can get instead is to buy a hammer and chisel. It may be old-fashioned and require you plenty of time, but it is still better than an angle grinder if you are willing to sweat it out! But remember that it is easier to get a toe kick saw than to invest in any of these alternatives that aren’t originally meant for flush cutting purposes.


Maximum cutting depth of a toe kick saw is 3/4 inch.

Yes, Toe kick saw can cut tiles with diamond blade. 


So this brings us to the end of our discussion of the best toe kick saws! If we had to select the best one, we would choose the Crain 775 Toe-Kick Saw for its multipurpose tile-jamb-subfloor cutting options, safety, low kickbacks, and of course, precision. Usable by both professionals and beginners, this may be right for some of you, while others may want something more basic.

Whichever one you choose, in five simple steps of position, plug, start, stilt, and complete, you can use the toe kick saws. We also showed you some alternatives and to what extent they are good for you. Hopefully, you’ll pick and understand why toe kick saws are the boss of flush cutting! Now pick yours!

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