Wen CT1065 Review : An Awesome Budget Track Saw

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw review

Are you tired of substandard saws that don’t provide smooth cuts? Well, then perhaps you’re at the right place, to begin with! Here we’d define the characteristics and put together the information from different Wen CT1065 reviews to present a fuller picture of the item in detail.

And show you each of its’ incredible features that can offer you an unbelievably smooth woodworking experience day in and day out. Wen is known to be one of the highly renowned electric saw manufacturers right now, and we’ll try to find out whether their CT1065 holds up to that name! Let’s go!

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WEN CT1065 REVIEW (Critical Features of the WEN CT1065 Track Saw)

Here in our detailed guide, we’ll go through each of the characteristics of this particular item one by one. Besides the takeaways, we’ll also explain one or two cons so that you get a complete understanding of the item!

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

10 AMP motor of WEN CT1065

While you’re talking about circular track saw, the first thing that would come up in the discussion is the motor. It’s the heart of any saw and must produce sufficient energy to cut through wooden materials.

The good thing about CT1065 is, it comes strengthened with a highly effective 10 amp motor! This motor provides you with an astounding 5500 RPM, which is quite incredible! Equipped with a stunning 5500 rotations per minute motor, this device would be able to power through the most challenging wood like a slice of butter. If you’re looking for a buttery smooth sensation while getting woodcut, this motor should offer you that!

Blade Specification & its settings

It won’t be of any value if inferior blade power the motor. But that isn’t the case either. You’re offered a long 6.5-inch blade. This long blade would let you cut as deep as 2.33 inches. If you’re someone who engages in DIY works, this blade would fit right in anytime!

Further, for creating grooves, you can use the scoring cuts. Furthermore, get the woods cut from the middle with plunge cuts which are also available! So, this track saw can easily be used as a plunge saw.


Weight is another critical factor while getting a saw. So, this one is relatively lighter than the other heavier saws. It may not be the lightest one, though. Usually, as we found out, saws can weigh up to 18.00 lbs. If you compare this number with CT1065, then you’d find this one to be relatively light. Standing at 13.55 pounds, this should be okay to maneuver for an average adult man.

Bevel capacity

Bevel capacity is another important measurement that the woodworker needs to know before getting a particular track saw for their tasks. Well, with the premium Ct1065, the item comes with a 45″ bevel with 1.625 bevel capacity. Which would allow you to get angled cuts on 1-5″ thick boards.

Cutting Capacity

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw So, here are the most important specifications that you’ve been waiting to learn about. What are the cutting capabilities of this device, and what can you do with that?

Well, if your job revolves around ripping plywood or trimming doors, this is the track saw to go for, as its powerful motor would let you get the job done without much difficulty.

Moreover, if you’re a full-time carpenter or starting to learn the art, this should be a good add-on. Because of its versatile nature of the build, it can be utilized heavily if you’re building furniture.

As we already mentioned, the 6.5-inch blade lets you plunge cuts. And as the device is equipped with a track, you can always perform the precise long cuts for which the item has been designed. 

Smooth Base

How the device’s base is designed is yet another highly crucial factor you’d need for a quality woodworking finish. If the base isn’t smooth enough, you will never get the long cuts needed. 

That’s why the base is completely flat in this device, which would provide you with the utmost precision and stability during the sessions.

Track compatibility

When you’re getting a track saw, one thing you’d always ask, that is whether the track saw is compatible with other devices or not. Well, in this case, you have good news!

This track is designed for universal usage and fits various tracks both in and out of the brand. First of all, CT1065 tracks fit the other Wen models; on top of that, you can fit this incredibly versatile track with Makita and Evolution tracks too. They have designed it in a manner that offers the utmost versatility in terms of fitting different tracks. You can connect it to Festool models as well!

Dust Collection

Another essential feature that it comes with is the dust port. Right now, many high-end saws are coming with this intelligent mechanism involved.

This smartly designed device can be attached to the saw during the operation. As a result, all the dust sprayed from the device would instantly be collecting inside the pot, making you free of the chores afterward.

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Pros of WEN CT1065

So you have read about all the features this incredible device comes equipped with. Here we’d like to talk about some of the positive sides of this device that separates it from the other saws. Let’s find out!

Incredible Power

Suppose you’re one of those individuals who have been looking for a stunning power tool to destroy anything it encounters. In that case, this one should be at the top of your list because this mighty beast produces an outstanding maximum of 5500 rpm, which would greatly aid you in terms of tackling toughened wooden boards without much difficulty to think about.

User Friendliness

Another important thing that you should be considering with this particular item is its user-friendly operations and features. Coming with a highly compatible track, you can get it attached to different devices. Moreover, it also provides an immense cutting capacity from making furniture to cutting doors and other accurate long cuts for various uses. So, the overall user-friendliness of this device is undoubtedly something you should keep in mind!

Cons of WEN CT1065

No product is above flaws. No matter how cleanly it’s built, it will have one or two human errors. And this device isn’t exempt from that either. Here are some of the few issues you may find a bit problematic during the use:

May Seem a Bit Messy

Yes, the dust port comes as an intelligent add-on true. But one thing that you may find a bit disappointing that you may still find bits and pieces here and there even after utilizing it. Although it’s the nature of the dust ports in many track saws, they tend not to catch all the dust. Here it could be the same as well, where the port perhaps catches most of the dust but leaves some you need to clean up afterward.

Issue with the Kickback

It has an anti-kickback mechanism involved. But this may cause some unwanted issues that can make cutting slightly tricky on the whole. It may seem a bit hard to move while the anti-kickback is on. That’s why many seem to get it off while working, which exposes you to potential kickbacks.

Who Needs This Saw ?

These are professional-grade saws, so we won’t suggest regular folks getting this. Only people who have experience in woodworking or carpentry can go for this device.

Moreover, those who want to be a woodworker in the future but looking for the best plunge saw within budget, can go for it as a beginning device. But it has to be used with expert assistance in the primary stage.


Verdict For WEN CT1065 Plunge Saw

Throughout the entire guide you’ve seen, we’ve talked about an array of different characteristics of this device and presented a thorough idea of the item, which we acquired through various Wen CT1065 review. We detailed each feature and elaborated on them, so you get a clear understanding of it.

Furthermore, in the later parts, we also discussed some of the benefits that it’d provide and some of the drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing, giving it a fuller view in your mind. Yes, it has one or two flaws, just like any other device may. But if you’re looking at it from the top, it should be a standard device for woodworking on the whole.

Especially for those who are learning, this can be a good fit overall. So, what are you waiting for? Get it right now, start pumping our smooth finished furniture from tomorrow! 

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