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Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a backyard wood enthusiast trying to learn the art, finding having a quality track saw is always sweet! As many aren’t talking about it, finding out the best track saw for the money can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. That’s why our all-encompassing guide offers a more in-depth understanding of the issue.

Superior grade track saws come with clean and smooth buttery cuts and cut the loads down to a minimum. Trimming doors, huge sheets, or plywood has never been easier, and they’re also versatile and multi-functional, offering an array of functions on the whole.  

Coming with precision cutting technology, standard track saws are the chief tool that has transformed and revolutionized carpentry and a must for all beginner woodworkers.

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Best Track Saw For The Money

Now you are going to know which track saw offers the most within a bearable budget. Well,’ that’s exactly why we’re here! We’re going to present you with some of the highly cost-effective options that offer a credible performance.

Curious? Let’s quickly find them out one after another!

Festool cordless Track Saw 201394 TSC 55 REB

Well, the first item on our list is the Festool TSC 55. This track saw has plenty to offer. Let’s look at what it’s capable of!

First things first, coming with the guide rail mechanism Festool TSC 55 REB would provide you with the precision that the regular saws lacked. The guide rail will guide you for buttery smooth, straight cuts, time and time again!

Splinters are one of the most disturbingly irritating elements while cutting a wooden particle. If you’ve been tired because of encountering fragments, then the splinter guards present in the device have the answer for it. It reduces down the possibility of any tearout cuts and prevents material wastage permanently.

An interesting factor to note is that you’re getting all these features without being restricted by a cord all the time. This 100% cordless item is something one can take with him anywhere and use as freely as required.

On top of all these, the highly equipped incredible motor EC- TEC 5200 RPM motor system is powered by powerful lithium-ion batteries for optimum performance with cordless action!

The dust collection may not work as effectively as you’ve imagined, But on the whole, this sounds like a quality device for a pleasant woodworking session.



Kreg Adaptive Plunge Saw : Best Track Saw For Plywood

Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw

At the second spot, we have here another quality item, this time by Kreg. Being a highly well-received device, this reputable item is something you can rely on. Let’s unravel the hidden secrets!

The first thing to talk about is the motor that provides the chief performance. The motor is incredibly powerful and comes with a variable speed control mechanism.

In Addition to this, this saw is designed to use by right-handed  user to ensure maximum cutting visibility & control.

Then you have the heavy-duty track guides with which you’d have smooth and clean precision while cutting wooden boards.

So where will all the dust go? Cleaning up after woodworks is one of the most tiring things to do! Keeping that in mind, Kreg brings in an intelligent dust port to collect the micro dust particles, which resulted in cutting.

Safety is another major issue Kreg has prioritized in their device. The blade is completely shrouded, which is protected with an electronic blade. To prevent problematic kickbacks, this device also has an anti-kickback mechanism involved, making it highly secure on the whole. 

Moreover, it also comes protected under a two-year warranty, which is quite unbelievable. It can be prone to wear, but all in all, it’s surely a classy device to go for any day!



WEN CT1065 : Best Track Saw for Woodworking

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw

Now we have another standard item on the list. This time it’s by power tool manufacturer Wen.

So, if you’re one of those men who wish for more clean cuts without any bugging splinters, then this is what anyone should go for.

On top of that, this premium device offers three-way versatile blade settings, with scoring cuts, plunge cuts, and changing blades.

Moreover, the highly powerful motor with an astounding 5500 rpm can easily tackle hard wooden surfaces like butter.

It can also be converted into a plunge saw, making it extremely convenient for various tasks all at the same time.

Although, you may find the track options a bit limited. But the price point Wen is offering all the incredible features we just mentioned is just breathtaking! And this should be a smart buy any moment!



DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Circular Saw: Best Cordless Track Saw For The Money

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Circular Saw, 6-1/2-Inch, Cordless TrackSaw Kit (DCS520T1)As we’re talking about the best track saw for the money, Dewalt is a name that can never be skipped in this case! Undoubtedly one of the industry leaders in the power tool market, Dewalt is known for its high-end power device manufacturing. Let’s see what the Flexvolt 60V comes equipped with.

Accurate cutting is something guaranteed with this sophisticated saw. They have the ZCT or Zero Clearance TrackSaw trademarked technology which provides splinter-free, clean cutting for the ultimate finish.

The riving knife and anti-kickback technology involved in the device offers a smooth cutting session without dealing with the heavy back and forth motion making the entire work smooth.

The fun fact is you’re getting all these benefits without needing to connect to a power source all the time. 

Yes, you guessed right, the device runs on quality Lithium-Ion batteries, so the user can freely roam during the tasks.

A powerful 4000 RPM motor is another quality add-on that would power through any tough wooden surface without difficulty!

One issue to keep in mind is it may have slight issues dealing with top-grade oak plywood surface. But all in all, this should be a quality device to go for any day!



Evolution - 027-0004C 7-1/4" Multi-Material Track Saw Kit w/ 40" Track: Best Budget Track Saw

Evolution - 027-0004C Power Tools R185CCSX 7-1/4 : best budget track saw

Here is another track saw at the fifth spot on the list for you! This one, too, like the previous one, has a lot to offer. Let’s glance through!

This plunge saw comes with such a sophisticated design which enables this saw to cut multi material including mild steel, wood with nails, Plastic & plywood without changing blades. As a result, you can deal with almost any sturdy wooden surface or metal item without an issue to think about.

Also this track saw comes with a 40″ track which ensures precise & Clean cuts.

On top of all these, the highly sophisticated device features a quality dust management system. The built-in dust port collects the extra wood particles which are released due to cutting. As a result, it minimizes yours after cleaning chores and making things more convenient altogether.

Although it has numerous positives to talk about, with 18.06 pounds on its back.

Apart from all this, this saw should be a quality add-on for any woodworker who are in a tight budget. 



Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit : Overall Best Track Saw

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Inch Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool Case and 55 Inch Guide Rail

Are you looking for the absolute best track saw for the money? Well, perhaps here it is. Our final and the most premium item on the list, Makita SP6000J1! Let’s quickly find out how it’s going to help you in the cutting business!

First, the motor. The 12.0 AMP motor installed in the device offers a staggering, jaw-dropping maximum 5200 RPM speed which is powerful enough to cut almost all the wooden surfaces it encounters cleanly. The entire job becomes a piece of cake with this beast and saves tons of time and hassle.

But that’s not it’s only speed present. It comes with a variable speed dial which you can use to operate between 2000-5200 RPM for specific jobs.

Use the guide rail to maneuver through accurately and get straight and precise cutting like nothing else.

Cutting in confined areas and close to the wall can be an issue for many saws, but with this one, it’s not something you should worry about. This specially designed device lets you cut close to the wall without any issues.

Outstanding grip is another key add-on in this premium item. Let’s hold on to the device well for a comfortable cut. Finally, with a one-year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee, this is undoubtedly one of the best track saws for the money right now



What to Consider When Buying a Best Track Saw

Let’s come to the shopping aspect. What does it take to find out the best track saw for the money?

Well, there are some key features that you should try to seek out from each potential device. Let’s find out what those features are:

Blade of the Track Saw

The blade of the track saw is one of the most important features to look at. If the blade isn’t good enough, it’ll fail to cut hard wooden boards with ease.

We’d suggest you make sure whether it’s a carbide blade. They’re durable and last longer than usual. On top of that, longer blades will have longer reach potential and cut quicker. So, it’s better to go for the 6-inch ones.

Speed Settings

Speed settings are another important option that is required for cutting a variety of different things. You may need different speed requirements for each sort of surface, and depending on which, you’d be able to dial for the perfect match.

For instance, cutting acrylic or aluminum surfaces requires a sort of speed that is different from the woods’ cutting speed.

Bevel Capacity

Bevel capacity refers to the angle at which it’s cut. So, in your personalized woodworks, bevel capacity would be a matter of much importance. So make sure your device offers the required angled cuts you’re looking for. As a result, it’d be easy to get the better-angled cuts and adjust the depth capacities.

Motor Power

Without a powerful motor, you won’t be able to cut through toughened wooden boards or other materials. That’s why we’d recommend you to go for a device which comes with a robust motor installed on it.

If you want to max the motor power, getting one with the 5500 RPM should be a good pick. But for general woodworking activities, you shouldn’t go below 4000 RPM.

Corded vs. Cordless

Do you want a cordless saw? Or do you need a corded one? Here’s your time to make the decision.

The good thing about cordless models is, they offer extended freedom of movement. You can work with much more flexibility and comfort. But with time, as the battery drains, the power will be reduced gradually.

On the other hand, corded models are great to work with. They offer a continuous pure power supply, so you don’t need to recharge it or think about how much battery is remaining.

On the other hand, it limits your movement with the wire.

So, if you’re a professional woodworker and at work, most of the time, getting a corded device would always suit you best.

While on the other hand, if your workload is minimum, you can switch to the battery-powered ones for freedom of movement and ease.

Dust Collection

The generation of huge dust particles is one of the problems of using saws. Cleaning up after work is back-breaking and can consume hours that could have been used for productive works.

Always try finding the track saws that come with a dust collecting jar with them. The dust particles would fall inside the jar so you can later clean it out and save you from sweeping the entire house after work.

Track Length

Tracks provide you with the intended accuracy you’ve been looking for. Now, the length of the track would decide how long you can cut with the utmost precision.

Tracks that are shorter in length may not offer the easy cuts at once. You may need to join up different pieces together. So, it’s always better for you to go with the longer tracks for more accuracy and convenience.

Safety Features

Safety features are a must when you’re dealing with the track saw. Try getting the one that has a safer design, and the blade isn’t exposed. Getting devices with anti-kickback mechanisms enabled can also offer convenience and safety.


Well, these are the few highly critical factors that deserve more attention before you go ahead with any pick! 

What Is A Track Saw (Plunge Saw), And What is the usage of this saw?

A track saw refers to a circular saw that uses a steel guide track during operation. These saws are highly effective, and the guide tracks would direct you to get the most accurate and straight cuts ever. You can use them to cut from the very beginning of the material, or you can cut straight where you want in the middle.

These sophisticated power tools are used for a variety of purposes. Here we’d like to reflect on some of them:

For unbelievably precise cuts

Getting the most accurate and foolproof cuts is the main reason why anyone would think about this item. You can set this up permanently somewhere and continue getting accurate cuts one after another. And yes, they work way better than your regular table saws.

Splinter Free WoodCutting

Splinters are one of the most common and irritating factors while cutting wooden boards. But, track saws come equipped with specially designed reinforced blades powered by a robust motor mechanism. Which completely wipes out any possibilities of splinters. As a result, you get a silky smooth finish time and time again.

Cutting Drywall

Besides cutting regular wooden surfaces, you can also use them to cut drywall. Cutting drywall is always a hassle you don’t want to engage in. The main problem with cutting drywall is, it releases dust that can fill up the room.

And after work, your room is left like a complete mess. But as track saws come equipped with its smart dust collecting ports, you don’t have to worry about leaving a mess. It’ll automatically collect the dust as they’re released and save the house from being a dust-filled mess.

Cut Studs

Cutting the studs are also one of the key functions of track saws. You should understand that track saws work similarly to circular saws when the tracks are removed. So, you can easily get the studs cut where required without any impediments.

For extended woodworking

And finally, you can use them for almost all the woodworking functions. It lets you cat the wooden surface however you want, including and provides optimum accuracy in doing that. So, woodworking gets a lot easier and comfortable with this device.

Cutting Plywood

Cutting toughened plywood is one of the key tasks of a track saw. Track saws are equipped with the powerful technology to cut deep down the plywood material with ease.

So, these are some of the activities track saws are usually used for.

Track saw(Plunge saw)vs. Circular saw: What is the difference?

Despite the evident similarities, there are slight differences between the track saw and the regular circular saw. Let’s look at some of the key feature where both the devices differ.

Having and Not Having Steel Guide Rails

Yes, this is the first and major difference between the two. Usually, a track saw would always come with steel guide rails or tracks. But with the regular circular saw, you won’t have any such attachments.


Being equipped with larger track rails, it’s not easy to take it from one place to another. So, portability for track saws is limited.

On the other hand, coming without extra-long attachments, circular saws are easy to transport and highly portable compared to their plunge saw counterparts.

Precision in Works

Finally, precision is perhaps the main differing factor here. Track saws are known for their accurate supper cuts and optimum precision outputs. Simultaneously, you’d have to depend on individual skills and years of experience to get such accuracy with circular saws.

Benefits Of Having a Track Saw

There are plenty of benefits in terms of owning a tack saw. Let’s find out some of them one by one!

Exact Track Alignment

Track saws come with precise track alignments. As a result, you get super straight and highly accurate cuts. This is one of the most defining factors why anyone would want to use a track saw in the first place. You can get better cuts as well as reduce the possibilities of flaws in the cuts.

Clean Cuts

Getting better and cleaner cuts are one of the main features of quality track saws. Most of the track saw we talked about comes with heavy-duty motors that release substantial amounts of power to get a cleaner cut. Because of their highly effective nature, they give you splinter-free cutting capability.

Non-Slip Operation

If you’re tired of slip-ups during woodcutting, then track saws can be a quality companion. The guide rails come with rubberized padding underneath, which stabilizes the device and prevents excessive shaking and sleeping. As a result, you get better and more polished cuts.

Long cut potential

Plunge saws are equipped with lengthy track rails. As a result, you do have the freedom to get a longer cut without much difficulty. With the regular circular saws having the longer cuts wasn’t that easy. But with the help of the tracks, you’d get substantially longer cuts making the work painless.

No mess operation

Most of the devices we talked about come with a dust port included. Wood dust is the main culprit behind the mess, which is generated after woodwork. But the installed dust port would catch up all the dust which is being generated right away. So, the no-mess operation makes the tasks a lot easier.

Riving Knife

Having a built-in riving knife is also a highly beneficial add-on. It helps improve safety during the activities. It sits between the user and the blade and deflects any workpiece that can come towards the user. Compared to the traditional splitter, a riving knife is a safer choice any day.

FAQ's On Best Plunge Saw For The Money

a. Will a Festool track work on the Dewalt track?

Nobody can guarantee that. It may or may not; it will be based on the models and find out whether they fit or not. But the tracks don’t have any single idea formation, which all the manufacturers accept.

b. Can I replace a Festool track with the Makita?

Although Makita tracks may work with the Festool and vice versa, it’s still better to make sure with the manufacturer.

c. How Deep Can a Track Saw Cut?

The depth of the cut would depend on the size of the blades. The regular 6-inch blades offer 2-inch cuts. In comparison, the 8-inch blades would go around 2.5 inches. On the other hand, 4 inches blades give cuts as deep as one inch.

d. Can I use a track saw without a track?

Yes. here is a chance to use a track saw without the tracks, just like any regular circular saw.

e. Can a plunge saw be used as a circular saw?

Yes. Both the saws come with almost a similar design. Plunge saws may have tracks attached to them. But without the attachments, both are just the same.

f. Can I use my circular saw as a track saw?

It can be used, but it’d require many tips and techniques to be followed. But usually, circular saws aren’t meant to be used with track saws.

Verdict on Best Track Saw For The Money

So, at the end of our long and detailed guide, you’d see that we’ve talked about some of the best track saw for the money right now. 

First, we detailed each item with specific information and discussed both their strengths and flaws so you can make a comprehensive judgment on each one of them and pick the one which is more qualified among them.

On top of that, we also enlightened you with the necessary guidelines to find out a quality device from among the hundreds of different devices from the market.

Both the informative discussions and guidelines would help paint a complete picture for a thorough understanding.

The track saw is by far one of the best devices to properly work on the woods. They provide excellent precision, safety and reduce the load of work down to the minimum with the least effort. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the best track saw and rule woodworking as you’ve always dreamed of!

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