7 Best Cordless Jigsaw Review 2022

Best cordless jigsaw review

Are you planning to buy the best cordless jigsaw of the market for your work?

Then obviously, a question is peeping in your mind-“Which one is the best cordless jigsaw that can fulfil my requirement with battery power to replace with your corded one???’’ 

Well, actually it might be really confusing for you to choose the best one from wide varieties of available cordless jigsaw if you don’t have in-depth knowledge on the technicality, specifications, special usages, handling and tools of some best-selling & mostly reviewed cordless jigsaws.

In that case, you are not wasting your time reading this article which will definitely guide you to decide wisely for owning the best jigsaw. We have researched and picked up 7 mostly sold and best reviewed models of battery powered jigsaw in this article that will help you to know the unique features, performances, pros & cons and will answer all your queries to decide for choosing the best cordless jigsaw.

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1. DEWALT DCS-331B 20V Max Jig-Saw : Overall Best Cordless Jigsaw

DEWALT DCS-331B 20V best cordless jigsaw

This model is at the 1st place of our precise list for its user reviews, performances, tools availability and user-friendly handling. Whoever you are- a DIY guy or a professional wood worker or a construction worker or a house-remodeler and whatever you want to cut wood, plywood, plastic, metal, tiles or any other materials- this model should be your 1st priority for this brand’s much trustworthiness in the saw-users community. Specially, DIYers always look for this model for its versatility, functionality, easy adjustability and most importantly availability. Let’s see what features this DEWALT DCS-331B 20V Max Jig-Saw model offers for its buyers –



2. DEWALT DCS334B 20V Max Jigsaw

Best cordless DEWALT DCS334B 20V Max Jig-Saw

Many cordless jigsaw users also choose this model for the brand reputation. With some similarities of the previous one, this model is designed with some unique features too. Though this model is from same brand – Dewalt, you are expecting to see its features as well as speciality to compare with the previous model, aren’t you??? Have a glance at below features as well as stand-out points along with short-comings for your better understanding..



3. Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt : Best Light Weight & Compact Jigsaw

Bosch JSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion best Cordless Jig Saw

You must have heard of BOSCH, an world-class machinery manufacturer brand even if you are a new user, right??? New or regular user, most of its customers keep faith in this model both for its brand value and this model’s unique features like extra compactness & lightness along with other common features. Let’s see what it gives you.



4.Makita DJV180Z 18V LXT : Best Value Jigsaw for Professional

Makita DJV180Z 18V LXT best battery jigsaw

Makita DJV180Z brusless battery jigsaw is very handy in encountering tough jobs. It’s powerful motor  , ergonomic design & great cutting ability makes this an awesome saw. As Makita confirms, this saw can cut 13.5cm depth of an wood. Apart from wood, this is excellent in cutting metal.

This saw is also handy in aggressive cuts due to its 2600 SPM & 3 orbital strokes. 

lets have a glimpse of eyes on below to get familiar with this



5.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX JigSaw with Battery And Charger (BDCJS20C) : Best Light Weight Cordless Jigsaw


Whoever wants the best cordless jigsaw for basic and smaller projects, this Black+Decker (BDCJS20C) model can be a perfect choice for them. Though in some features it can’t compete with the others but what will make you buy this is its selling with battery & charger. If you don’t want to spend extra money for battery & charger, it is the best budget battery jigsaw for you, isn’t it?

 Let’s see what it offers –



6.Bosch Professional Gst 18V : Best Professional Cordless Jigsaw

Bosch Professional Gst 18 V-Li S Cordless Jigsaw (Without Battery And Charger) - L-Boxx

The famous brand Bosch brings this barrel grip cordless jigsaw for completing professionally larger & smaller projects with more natural hand position to handle the saw from top of the object or underneath of the object. Everywhere its design provides greater comfort in gripping & control in sawing the curves or straight line all the way. 

Below here you will find the pros & cons as well as few stand-out features of this model… 



7. Ryobi One+ P5231 18V Lithium Ion - Best Budget Jigsaw

Ryobi One+ P5231 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Orbital T-Shaped 3,000 SPM Jigsaw

This Ryobi model One+ P5231 is last in our shortlist but not the least. Rather, you may find this model more suitable for your work due to some of its unique functions combined with other common features.This budget jigsaw is ideal for novice & professionals.Its diversified features make it more work & user friendly effective leading cordless jigsaw in the market.




It’s just all about the installation of right blade to utilize your cordless jigsaw to make versatile cut such as curved cut, straight cut, cross-cut, plunge cut, hole at countertop through varied materials such as wood (including plywood), metal sheet, ceramic tiles, plastic, carpet, leather etc. Cutting, tearing, slicing, resizing, reshaping whatever you want to do everything is possible with a cordless jigsaw


If you work with wood then it is almost certain that your most reliable cutting tool is jigsaw, right??? Jigsaws are manufactured and specially designed for cutting wood particularly softwood with its thin blade. With a cordless jigsaw you can make curved or bevel cut up-to 45 degree through soft or plywood at high speed and straight cut through wood lumber at low speed.


You may need to cut thin metal sheet in your workplace which you can do with a Jigsaw at ease. A survey on jigsaw users, shows that precise metal sheet cutting is one of the best applications of cordless jigsaw. With the right jigsaw blade installed, you can have precision & perfection in angle cut through metal sheet at low speed.


When you own a cordless jigsaw, you don’t want to spend more money to buy another heavy cutting machine for cutting harder materials like tiles in construction work or house-decorating, do you?? Actually no need if you already have a cordless jigsaw. Because installing the right blade you can apply your jigsaw in cutting & shaping tiles precisely. With higher SPM jigsaw you can have nice & precise bevel cut up-to 45 degree at high speed.


You are trying to decorate your home flooring with new carpet but you are looking for the appropriate tool to do this, aren’t you?

Then it’s a cordless jigsaw that can help you to resize and reshape your carpet as you wish. Just make measurement and pattern and then with your jigsaw start cutting your carpet with ease.


SPM (Stroke Per Minute)

The actual cutting capacity of a jigsaw is measured by the number of its strokes per minute (SPM). Stroke means push & pull of the blade in a minute by which materials can be cut. The more SPM a jigsaw has the more powerful it is.

How is the strength of motor or how many Amps?

Amp defines the strength of a motor and this can vary for light or heavy work. For example, 4.0 Amp motor is suitable for light work within limited budget but expensive motor may have 7.0 Amp motor which is for heavy work.

Which blade it has- T-Shank or U-Shank Blade?

Blade type is really a crucial factor because it can either be time-consuming or time-saving. For smooth & ceaseless work you may need to change your jigsaw blade at the middle of cutting which should be time-saving & hassle-free. In that case, T-shank blade is much better & universal than U-shank blade.

What Is the Stroke Length? Or, How long the stroke length is?

At what length the blade goes with each stroke is defined as stroke length. Longer stroke length is required for deeper & faster cut at strong materials while shorter stroke length is needed for more precise & smoother cut at thicker materials.

What is the cutting action-Straight or Orbital?

Cutting action is a crucial factor to be considered when anyone goes for buying a cordless jigsaw. The blade of Jigsaw with straight cutting action moves forward & backward while in orbital action jigsaw the blade moves up & down. Though you will get cordless jigsaw with both cutting action separately in the market but it’s convenient to use the jigsaw with orbital cutting action by which you can cut various types of cut such as bevel cut, straight cut, curved cut with ease.

The final verdict

By now you have become much aware of both the basic & unique features of the 7 best cordless jigsaws that represent almost all of the user chosen saws of the market. Most of the cordless jigsaws excluding few model are not included with battery & charger which are sold separately. The common feature of all above discussed jigsaws is the ability of bevel cutting up-to 45 degrees. Moreover when you will go to buy a cordless jigsaw don’t forget to check the battery if it’s 100% lithium-ion battery or not. This battery is a master for quicker charging and longer action.

Most importantly, it’s your requirement or work-type to pick the right jigsaw. Just know which features you will need more and long time and then decide which will be the perfect fit for your work. We have just tried to make you know about the common features as well as specialities of some best quality cordless jigsaw.

Hope, this article will help you make a prompt and wise decision to choose the right jigsaw for you.

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