How To Sharpen A Table Saw Blade For Getting Efficient Cuts.

how to sharpen a table saw blade

A sharpen table saw blade makes a job much easier and you can get a proper cut. But sometimes the table saw is get dull and need to replace it with a new one that can be expansible for you. For this, you need to sharpen the blade and should know how to sharpen a table saw blade to make your woodworking project successful. In this article, we’re going to discuss the sharpening saw blade.

Furthermore, if you sharpen the saw blade your money will save, and sharpening the table saw isn’t as difficult as you might think. Or, you may check here to get the best table saw blade for use without sharpening your saw blade. On the other hand, we think that if you sharpen that will be better. Without further delay let’s know the methods of sharpening the blade.

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How To Sharpen A Table Saw Blade The Easiest Way

Keep reading this article and now we’re going to explain to you how to sharpen your table saw blades step by step. First of all, you need to prepare the sharpening tools.

Step 1: Prepare a few sharpening tools

Sharpening blade by hand you need the below tools:

  • A flat file
  • A ring spanner
  • Screw clamps
  • A set of plier’s
  • A triangular file
  • Two boards with clamps
  • A saw file and a saw set.

Step 2: Safety First

Before start sharpening the table saw blade you need to take the necessary safety precautions. But be careful and never go to sharpen with a blade attached to the table saw.

To work with safety choose a safe surface and a flat place where you can work. After choosing a safe flat surface now go to remove the blade from the saw. Remove properly the blade and place it on the flat surface. Before removing the blade from your table saw you need to wear hand gloves to protect yourself from any hazard. Like, there may happen something wrong as the blade can make your hand or finger injury.

After removing the blade from the table saw now place it on the safe surface. Now for your safety wear safety gear, hand gloves, mask, eyeglasses, and suitable earmuffs.

Step 3: Check The Blade

sharpening table saw

It’s important to check the carbide on the dull blade that needs to sharpen and notice where the carbide is. If the blade is carbide then you can sharpen it easily and without a carbide blade, if you sharpen then it can be hampered. So, the carbide blade is sharpened properly.

Step 4: Setting The Blade

Using a simple vice or filling clap may start for sharpening. After setting a clamp on a piece of wood now it is time to set up the blade. Of course, the blade teeth must be face up the sharpening tool. Make sure the clamp and blade are strongly stroked. Set the stroke properly so that it does not move suddenly while sharpening. Rotate the blade against the sharpening tool and take several minutes of each teeth section is sharpening at the right measurement.

Step 5: Secure The Blade

Use a jointer to sharpen the blade and the jointer need because all the teeth height of the blade is the same. Or, if you’re going to sharpen with a stone then turn on the saw and slowly push your blade along the stone.

Step 6: Sharpen The Teeth

Once you have done all the above steps like checking the blade, setting on a flat surface, and securing the blade with a clamping vice. Now start to sharpen and push the blade of each tooth along the stone withholding until teeth get sharpened. Rotate the blade to close every teeth to a stone touch. Make sure that all the inner option of the blade is in contact with the diamond stone blade and it is sharpening perfectly.

Step 7: Pressure The Blade Lightly

Using light pressure and file each tooth over the stone diamond blade ensure uniformity. Make sure how much you want to sharpen. Rotate several time each tooth with the stone diamond blade to complete the sharpening process.

And make sure all the measurements mean the deep portion is being sharpened perfectly. After sharpening all the teeth now you should stop rotating the blade and turn off the saw stone diamond blade switch.

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Step 8: Remove The Blade

After completing the sharpening process now it is time to remove the blade from the clamp vice and stone diamond blade. Lift out the blade and clean the blade tooth by wiping it with a small soft brush or a cloth for making sure the blade tooth remains sharp.

Also, wiping makes sure no stains or dust remains on the blade. Besides, if you want to more cleanly the blade another way, ask someone or search how to clean a table saw blade.

Step 9: Test The Blade

Now it is time to test your table saw blade and for doing this start the saw machine. Take a piece of wood and cut this several times to know how much sharped. If you think, it’s not enough sharped then you may repeat previous steps until it gets enough sharped.

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