The 8 Best Circular Saw Review for 2022

Best Circular Saw

A circular saw is a vital tool in the arsenal of both professional carpenters as well as woodworkers. A very versatile portable cutting tool, it can do the job of a table saw, and even a jig saw in a pinch. A cordless circular saw is ultra-portable and an essential tool for external job sites. But on the shop floor, it is the corded circular saw that rules, due to extra-powerful motors and continuous workability. In our best circular saw review, we will highlight the best products in this niche for 2018.

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Overall Best Circular Saw

The lightest 7-¼" circular saw at 8.8lbs; this Dewalt still packs a mean punch with a 15 Amp motor. It has pro-grade durability and safety features like an electric brake. With 57-degree devel capacity, durable aluminum shoe and a handy carry bag, it is the best circular saw out there.

Best Budget Circular Saw

No other saw provides as many features as this Skil Saw for a paltry $50 asking price. You get 15 Amp motor, laser guide, and 51-degree bevels, all in a tool weighing under 10lbs. For home DIY and amateur hobbyists on a budget, this is the best circular saw ever.

The 8 Best Circular Saw :


The Dewalt DWE575SB is a fantastic pro-grade circular saw, with a strong spec sheet. The first thing that catches the eye is the weight of this circular saw. For a standard saw armed with a 7-¼” blade, it weighs all of 8.8lbs. Several magnesium saws have broken the 10lbs mark in the past, but this certainly the lightest among them all.

But that does not mean that the Dewalt is underpowered. It still manages to hit a max speed of 5200 RPM, with a 15 Amp workhorse motor under the hood. And it also built to withstand a great deal of punishment on a job site.

A stamped aluminum shoe provides a durable base for making accurate cuts. And while you are at it, the integrated dust blower system will keep the dust away from the sight line. This is a feature not found on most other saws out there.

The cutting performance is also up there among the best, with the saw being capable of handling very deep 2-9/16″ cuts at 90 degrees. Beveled cuts are also possible, with a wide 57-degree capacity. There are indents at both 45 and 22.5 degrees to improve those angled cuts.

There is no doubt that Dewalt has designed this saw to please the pros. Along with the fatigue-free design, the saw also gets some neat safety features. It is the only saw on our shortlist with an electric brake. The whole package is sweetened by the inclusion of an excellent carry bag.

Considering All these, That’s why we picked Dewalt DWE575SB  as a Best Circular Saw.

At just a shade over 10lbs, the 5007MGA from Makita is one of the lightest saws in its class. Makita used a lot of magnesium in this model to shave off the pounds while still leaving a very durable machine.

With the large rubberized levers on this saw, making quick adjustments in between cuts is easier than ever. Small features like these go a long way in making this saw a great addition to any job site.

The handle on this saw also gets the rubber treatment, ensuring that you can wield it with more control, and for a longer time as well. Makita has also oversized all the ruler markings and numbers on the 5007MGA, making them easier to read.

For extra accuracy, while cutting, this saw is armed with a pair of LEDs that light up the line of cut. With a 15 Amp motor that redlines at 5800 RPM, this is a very capable corded circular saw indeed.

The Bosch is a very light saw at 9.3lbs, with a very limited feature list in comparison to some of the competition. But it does promise a more accurate cut, thanks to the left-sided blade design. Unlike a right-blade saw, this design gives the most unobstructed view of the cut line.

The 15 Amp motor delivers enough cutting power, well in line with other saws in this size category. If you want to change blades in the middle of a job, the spindle lock allows you to do it pretty fast.

On the safety front, it has an anti-snag lower guard. This Bosch is mainly geared towards pros and hobbyists who need a left-sided circular saw.

Like Makita, Skilsaw also incorporates a lot of magnesium parts into their tools to reduce the weight. It weighs just 11.6lbs, which pretty awesome for a heavier worm drive system. Combined with a 15 Amp motor capable of 5300, this saw can rip through all types of wood with ease.

It also has some features that improve the overall user experience. For instance, the Cut Ready system simplifies and streamlines the process of making depth adjustments in between cuts.

The beveled footplate has indents on both sides, at 0 and 45-degree angles. These help you deliver excellent accuracy on beveled cuts. The overall ergonomics are also pretty comfortable, with soft grips on this Worm Drive circular saw from Skilsaw.

Despite oodles of torque on this machine, it has surprisingly little kickback. It is a nice saw for framing jobs and cutting plywood.

The sheer amount of value you get here with the Skil 5280-01 circular saw is nothing short of mind-boggling when you consider the $50+ asking price. If you need a durable saw for occasional home improvement and DIY projects, this is the best budget Circular Saw option by a country mile.

You get 15 Amps, which is more than enough power for occasional domestic use. And at under 10lbs, it is incredibly light as well. There is less chance of user fatigue, and you can wield it for a longer time.

You even get a 51-degree bevel, with positive stops at 45 degrees. If you are doing some framing, and need to make some bevel cuts, this circular saw is more than capable of getting the job done.

And you even get a laser beam to mark the cut line. This is a great feature that improves overall accuracy. Throw in a handy carry bag, and the Skil 5280 is just about the complete budget circular saw ever.

The RK3440K is a neat little package, with a compact 3-⅜ inch blade. If you want a mini saw that can handle wood as well as tiles, flooring and sheet metal, you should consider this Rockwell mini-monster.

The 4.0 Amp motor delivers a lot of power for that small blade, allowing it to cut through a wide range of materials. Mini-saws are very comfortable to wield and control, and the RK3440K is no different. In fact, you can easily use this one with just one hand.

Along with a slim-grip handle, the metal guard is also optimized for easy cuts, especially plunge cuts. The saw has a pivoting guard to make such cuts more accessible and safer as well.

With improved dust collection, and a laser guide for more accurate cuts, this Rockwell saw is just the perfect package for pros.

This small circular saw from Worx has a compact 4-½ inch blade. The blade has been kept on the thinner side to increase the cutting speed. Along with that, Worx has also placed the blade on the left side to improve visibility and accuracy on the cuts.

Another amazing feature of this saw is its weight. It weighs only half as much as a 7-¼ inch circular saw. This mini saw only weighs under 5lbs, which makes it incredibly easy to wield. It also has some quick controls for depth adjustments.


The saw can handle a wide range of bevel cuts, from 0 to 45 degrees. The grip is very ergonomic and features extra safety features like an integrated safety trigger. If you want to handle thinner pieces of wood, especially plywood, this is a fantastic option.

This is a powerful small circular saw from Rockwell, driven by a 5 Amp motor capable of reaching 3500 RPM. At those speeds, it can easily cut through 2x4s with a single pass. And while you are at it, you will also get a good look at the cut line, thanks to the left-handed blade design.

Like other small saws, the RK3441K weighs around 5lbs, which makes it 50% lighter than the lightest 7-¼” circular saws out there. If you find those saws cumbersome, you will love the small circular saw, with its slim inline grip.

This is a saw that can even handle overhead cuts with relative ease and safety. Cutting depth is pretty decent at around 1-11/16″.

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