Are you looking for the Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw for Woodworking

The folks who are serious about their craft look for only the best pieces of equipment that will help them create the best possible creations. Woodworkers are among the most passionate hobbyists out there and because of the nature of their chosen pursuit, it is absolutely essential for them to have only the best tools at their disposal.

When it comes to woodworking, the circular saw is a must-have piece of machinery, and if you have the means to get one of those that’s also cordless and compact, then you should most certainly do so.

Of course, the issue is that it can be tough to identify which among the options available is actually the best cordless compact circular saw.In this article, I will share with you my own insights regarding some of the top-rated products currently on the market.

I will identify the best cordless mini circular saw based on factors such as performance, power efficiency, safety, and just how comfortable you can be while using it.

Below, you will read about four specific products and how they stack up to one another.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the reviews so that you can understand which cordless mini circular saw you should be eyeing.

makita mini cordless circular saw

When you’re conjuring up the idea of your dream cordless mini circular saw in your head, what qualities do you think of?

You probably want something that’s powerful yet portable that can also somehow remain quiet enough to not disturb anyone regardless of what time of day you choose to work.

That sounds like a definite dream machine doesn’t it?

In all honesty though, there is a cordless mini circular saw currently on the market that ticks off all the boxes you would want it too, and it’s the SH02R1 12V Max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw from Makita.


  • Built-in dust blower 
  • Ergonomic design
  • battery charge level indicator
  • 3.5 lbs weight
  • Can cut plywood, MDF, pegboard, particleboard, melamine, drywall and more

The first standout feature of this cordless compact circular saw is its versatility.

The fact alone that you are seriously considering purchase a cordless mini circular saw is a sure sign that you are serious about this particular pursuit. That means you need something that is more than capable of handling a variety of woodworking tasks whenever they do come up.

Whether you’re trying to create a shallow kerfs or attempting to dig deeper into the wood, this Makita saw is able to meet your needs. That is made possible by the inclusion of the 3-38″ blade that is capable of making cuts that go as deep as one inch. If you adjust the positioning of this cordless mini circular saw, it will also be possible for you to complete cut with a depth of 5/8″ from a 45-degree entry point.

The saw’s base can also be tilted to suit specific cutting purposes. By adjusting that portion of the item, you can execute bevel cuts that go from 0 to 45 degrees.

It also possesses enough juice to go through even the toughest woodworking materials such as plywood. That’s an underrated feature of this saw, because it saves you time that would have otherwise been spent inefficiently on constantly switching tools. 

Don’t worry too if your workspace is on the smaller side, this cordless mini circular saw from Makita is small enough that you will still be able to comfortably use within tight confines.

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You’re not going to run into any problems when you’re asked to use this power tool for an extended period of time because of its light body and thoughtfully-designed grip. Having to constantly start and stop your work because your hand is feeling strained can be annoying, and this cordless mini circular saw protects you from that.

It’s not even certain that there will be many instances when you will have to use this circular saw for a long time because it works so quickly. The Makita motor installed in this cordless mini circular saw brings up to 1500 RPM and that translates to quickly executed cuts of the materials you are working with.

Lastly, this cordless mini circular saw works quietly, and if you’ve ever suffered from there being ringing in your ears or have just received some noise complaints, well, you’ll understand exactly just how important that quality is.
Makita’s long been a highly respected brand when it comes to power tools, and products like this battery powered circular saw shows you why that is the case.


Maneuverability is an important feature for the cordless mini circular saw. You want to have the freedom and range of movement to make the cuts you need after all.The Bosch GKS 10.8 V-LI Professional Cordless Circular Saw excels in the field of maneuverability.

This Bosch mini circular saw is one of the lightest power tools you’ll ever encounter. It does not weigh you down at all while working and the grip is sizable enough to wrap your hand around comfortably without any need for you to over-extend.


  • Extremely Compact (only 1.4 kg)
  • Compatible with Bosch guide  rail system 
  • Cutting depth (90°) : 26.5 mm(1.04 inch)
  • Cutting depth (45°) : 17 mm (0.67 inch)

It’s easy to continually work with this cordless mini circular saw for hours and not experience any real issues when it comes to comfort. Of course, comfort is not the only important consideration when thinking about which circular saw to get.

Unfortunately, this Bosch mini circular saw does not excel as much in some other areas.

It’s still a reliable enough cordless mini circular saw, and you should be able to get a good amount of work done, but it does lag behind the Makita saw above in terms of speed as it maxes out at 1400 RPM.

One inch-deep cuts do remain possible from 90-degree angle entry points, and when you enter from 45 degrees, you can complete 0.67-inch deep cuts.

This cordless mini circular saw also lags a bit in terms of versatility, but even though it does not have the tilting base, it still has a functional aluminum variant that is useful for exact cuts.

All the emphasis placed on providing users with great comfort is certainly evident, but it’s hard to shake the notion that this cordless mini circular saw should have been better in other areas.

As this tools comes with bare tool and blades only so you can choose Bosch 10.8 or 12v battery  and it works best.

Porter-Cable packs plenty of power into their products and you can expect the same with this cordless small circular saw.

If you are taking on more labor-intensive woodworking projects, there’s a case to be made for getting this small cordless circular saw.

porter cable small circular saw

You can make quick adjustments while using this cordless mini circular saw. If the need arises for you to quickly shift to making 90-degree cuts, you can easily do that. The same speedy adjustments are possible if you have to go from completing 90-degree cuts to 50-degree cuts. The main advantage of this saw is it can bevel cut in 50-degree angle.  

The foot plate included with this saw enables you to exercise more control over the cutting process, and that lowers the risk for errors being made.

It’s got a decent amount of heft, but nothing that would prevent you from getting good use out of it.The form of the saw itself is conducive to extended usage, so you won’t have to worry about that.


  • Beveling Shoe pivots up to 50 degrees
  • Ergonomic grief ensures less vibration
  • High-Performance Motor delivers 4000 RPM’s for aggressive cutting
  • 2-1/8′ cutting capacity

The number one reason for why you should be getting this Small cordless circular saw though is because you require more power for whichever project you are currently working on. From that standpoint, it’s hard to imagine that you will have any real complaints.
What you may end up complaining about, or at least get annoyed by when using this cordless mini circular saw is its battery life. There will be times when you are just humming along, working in peace, and are then greeted with a need to recharge.
One thing you should know before buying is that here battery isn’t included. So while buying you can select either 20V 1.5 or 4.0 Ah battery considering the usage of the tool.
The pure operating power of this cordless mini circular saw is certainly something you will appreciate, but your annoyance at its lack of extended battery power will stick with you too.

Most woodworking projects require you to be as precise as you can possibly be when making cuts. Even being slightly off can result in a ruined product.

In order to achieve that, you will need to have full control over your cordless mini circular saw. That is possible with the Ryobi One P505 Circular Saw.

Ryobi mini circular saw

Different features added to this Ryobi saw are meant to provide you with utmost control.
The adjustable foot of this compact circular saw allows for a greater variety of cuts, while the additional side handle has been included for the purposes of increasing your level of control. The precise cuts you may have been previously unable to execute are made possible by this cordless mini circular saw.
The power featured by this saw is impressive. It can ramp up all the way to 4500 RPM.
It’s not as adjustable as some other circular saws on the market though, as its bevel can only move up to 50 degrees. The saw lacking high-end versatility is quite glaring because it places a visible ceiling on a product that could have otherwise been capable of so much more.


  • Bevel cut up to 50 degrees
  • Transparent lower guard for cutting visibility
  • Extra Side Handle gives improved control over cutting

If you have smaller projects lined up, then this saw should work fine for you, but you may need something else for your more ambitious undertakings.

Truthfully, this works best as a specialty circular saw, and as long as you purchase it with that in mind, you should encounter no problems.It is also worth noting that the aforementioned circular saw does not come with a battery included. This 18v lithium-ion battery from Vanon should power up the saw just fine though.

The Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Cordless Mini Circular Saw

I have my own preferences when it comes to circular saws, and I’m sure you do as well, but if you’re looking for general criteria you can use for grading those power tools, then the ones listed below should suffice.


Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries are options for cordless power tools, but as much as possible, you should want to get one that makes use of a lithium-ion battery.
When it comes to being energy-efficient, the lithium-ion batteries, and you can also expect to get more hours out of them because their self-discharge is not quite as noticeable.
You can get away with using tools that come with nickel-cadmium and/or nickel-metal hydride batteries in a pinch, but there’s nothing on the market that can beat the lithium-ion variants currently.
Thankfully, lithium-ion batteries are now being used widely by the manufacturers of cordless power tools, so you should not have that much trouble finding a cordless mini circular saw that is equipped with one.


The cordless mini circular saw is an essential tool in any woodworker’s studio, and it will be used quite often.

Because of that, it’s not a good idea to get a variant of the tool that is just not compatible with you and the way you like to work.

Consider the form of the cordless mini circular saw before purchasing one, and check to see if all the important components are where you need them to be.

An ergonomically-designed grip that contours to the natural shape of a gripping hand is always welcome, and if there’s another material there that creates added friction, that would be great as well.

Size and Weight

Innovations in the design of power tools have allowed for the creation of increasingly safer options. The power tools mentioned above are prime examples of safe and reliable power tools, and you should have no qualms about using them from that perspective.
When you are trying to evaluate how safe a cordless mini circular saw can be, check the placement of the blade and just make sure that it’s installed properly. It’s also best if you are making use of a lighter tool because you will be less prone to accidents when using those.
The good news is that safer power tools are now widely available to hobbyists of all ages, and it should take you no time to find one that works great for you.


Innovations in the design of power tools have allowed for the creation of increasingly safer options. The power tools mentioned above are prime examples of safe and reliable power tools, and you should have no qualms about using them from that perspective.

When you are trying to evaluate how safe a cordless mini circular saw can be, check the placement of the blade and just make sure that it’s installed properly. It’s also best if you are making use of a lighter tool because you will be less prone to accidents when using those.

The good news is that safer power tools are now widely available to hobbyists of all ages, and it should take you no time to find one that works great for you.

Should I Buy a Corded Compact Circular Saw or a Cordless Compact Circular Saw?

Corded compact circular saws continue to have a market because they possess some genuine advantages over their cordless counterparts.

The corded circular saws are capable of reaching a higher power level than the cordless variants for instance, and that can make them arguably smarter to use for certain projects.

Because you aren’t relying on batteries, you can also expect to have the corded circular saw in service for a long time. That’s a real plus if you have a strict budget for your woodworking hobby and would prefer not to exceed it because you needed to buy a spare battery.

Still, it’s hard to beat the combination of convenience, freedom, and power that the cordless compact circular saw can offer you.

Sure, the cordless saw’s power may lag a bit compared to the corded variants, but the difference is not significant enough to warrant passing up on the former.

When you factor into the equation just how much easier it is to work with a cordless mini circular saw, there’s no doubt that you should go with that over the corded alternative.

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