WEN 3962 Vs RIKON 10-305

If you are a newbie or a hobbyist or a  semi-professional in handy woodworks, every now & then you may feel like a fish out of water when you have to pick out the best tool for your crafty woodworks from the ocean of tools in the market. Choosing the appropriate bandsaw as per your requirement can make your woodwork more comfortable and can increase the adroitness of your crafts.

In that case, to find out the best required bandsaw for your woodwork, comparative study of several bandsaws  & user reviews can help you greatly.

General users & experts of the woodworking community mostly recommend to use Rikon 10-305 or Wen 3962 bandsaw model for small & mediocre handy woodworks.

You may ask “Which one is better benchtop bandsaw between Wen 3962 & Rikon 10-305 within short budget?”

Ok, hold on. We are here to mitigate your worries by answering your queries. In this article, you are going to have a clear idea about some crucial comparisons & user reviews of these two best benchtop band saw Wen 3962 vs Rikon 10-305 that we are presenting to you from our research & discussion with some users.

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Brief Overview of WEN 3962 & RIKON 10-305

To understand the comparisons & reviews of Wen 3962 vs Rikon 10-305, first you need to have a succinct knowledge about these bandsaws. Let’s know these bench top bandsaws –


WEN 3962 review

Wen 3962 is a very popular benchtop hobby bandsaw for small to medium handy woodworks. It is one of the most desired tabletop bandsaw for its special features such as dual speed motor, metal stand, miter gauge and LED work light.

It’s a user-famous bandsaw for its 6″ deep x 9.75″ wide cutting capacity with its 120 volts powerful dual speed (1520 or 2620 ft/min) motor. Its strong metal stand makes it first choice to the customers.

LED light helps you to continue your cutting even at dim light. Inclusion of miter gauge with it gives you cross-cutting facility along with its rip-cut, curved cut, straight cut and re-saw. 3-in-1 dust port for dust management also makes it user-friendly to the beginners to semi-professionals.


  • Duplex Motor Speed
  • Broder Table
  • Miter Gauge
  • Strong Stand

Not So Good:

  • Blade & tilt are not so simple to replace & adjust



Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

Rikon 10-305 is a portable benchtop bandsaw of 10″ wheel that draws attention of the beginners or hobbyists with its steel-built body, awesome cutting capacity, compactness of 13 x 18 x 35.5 inches dimension, dust port, cast iron table, up to 45° tilting, band saw safety paddle, 2″ metal rip fence and edge facing thrust bearings.

If you don’t have a large space, you don’t do large-scale woodwork and your budget is limited then Rikon 10-305 can be a perfect choice for you. Its compact design with steel frame will help you to cut your stock within very small space. There is no stand including but its table-top height is good enough to work smoothly.

Moreover, you can bolt it to your work table or anywhere you want. Its 2 – ½” dust port is an important feature for your dust management. You can have various types of intricate cuts such as straight cut, bevel cut, rip cut and you can also re-saw with this.


  • Compact  & easy portability
  • Safety switch (on/off)
  • Strong steel frame
  • Long warranty

Not So Good:

  • Need to set on table for not having stand.
  • Single speed


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If you are looking for the finest 10″ benchtop bandsaw within limited budget, we are here to present you 2 best budget  bandsaw Rikon 10-305 & Wen 3962. Let’s dive into the details of the main features to compare and review which one is better.

  1. Structure: With the dimension of  13 x 18 x 35.5 inches and fully steel-framed body Rikon is stronger & more compact than Wen which is bigger having the dimension of  20 x 25 x 58 inches.
  2. Power: Rikon 10-305 is powered by 0.33 Hp and 3.5 amp motor. It needs 110 volts electricity to run. On the other hand, Wen 3962 has more powerful motor of almost 0.45 Hp & 3.5 amp which runs at 120 volts. In terms of power the users rated Wen as it can cut larger stocks at ease.
  3. Cutting capacity: For cutting thicker wood or plastic Rikon is much better than Wen. But for deep cut Wen can be a perfect choice. Rikon can cut stock of 4 ⅝” deep and 9.75″ wide while Wen can easily cut at 6″ depth and at same width. 
  4. Cutting table: For broader cutting space Wen is comparatively better than Rikon as it has longer table of 14″ and width 12 ½” while the table of Rikon measures 13 ¾” by 12 ½”. Users reviewed Wen as spacious and smooth to use.
  5. Blade: Blade is a crucial factor for woodworking with any bandsaw. Rikon has a strong blade of 70 ½” by ⅛” – ½” while Wen has slightly longer blade of 72″ with the same width.
  6. Tilting: Table tilting facility offers various curved cut. Both of the bandsaws have 0-45° tilting facility. So, not only straight cut but also various bevel cuts are possible with these saws.
  7. Speed:  With the dual speed feature of 1520 & 2620 ft/min Wen is much better than Rikon having 2780 ft/min. Lesser speed is effective for cutting soft material while for hard stock more speed is a must.
  8. Dust Management3-in-1 dust port of different sizes makes Wen boss comparing to that of Rikon which has one dust port of 2 – ½”. 
  9. WarrantyYour investment will be safer if you go for Rikon as it offers 5 years of long warranty. But on the contrary, Wen offers only 2 years warranty.
  10. SpecialityActual comparisons appear when it comes to the speciality of the two bandsaws. Inclusion of steel stand makes Wen special in the comparison.  But Rikon is special for it’s easy portability. LED light with the Wen makes it more user-friendly where Rikon lacks this. Addition of miter gauge with the Wen for cross-cutting makes it more effective comparing to Rikon. Rikon is special for it’s compactness, easy portability, safety paddle and longer warranty.

Great!! By now you have identified all the important & special features of both Wen 3962 & Rikon 10-305 bandsaw as you have gone through this article. After knowing the features and considering the comparisons & reviews of these two bandsaws, now you are smart enough to decide which one is better for you as per your requirement.

We hope, the question in your mind ” Wen 3962 vs Rikon 10-305 which one is better?” is not confusing you anymore.

Though it’s only you to decide which one  best fits for your work, considering the features, stability, easy handling, performances, user reviews and the budget we can wisely recommend Wen 3962 bandsaw.

But at the same time, Rikon also can be a good choice in terms of easy portability, compactness, durability and light work. 

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