Band Saw Safety : 10 Essential Band Saw Safety Rules For Beginner

bandsaw safety

User’s incautious handling can cause unexpected incident where-as the effectiveness & usefulness of this band saw are multifaceted if some band saw safety rules are followed . The effective and watchful operation of this band-saw can ensure your cap-a-pie/head to foot safety as well as its extensive efficiency.

Experts and experienced band saw community from all over the world pointed out some prime operational band saw safety initiatives for those who are being afraid of unwanted finger-cut or absolutely beginners. To avoid the unexpected accidental occurrences any band-saw user can’t help following the below stated safety rules of band saw

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1. To Familiar With Basic Band Saw Safety

It is a must for anyone who works with a cutting machine to be acquainted with some elementary awarenesses about the safety issue. As this band saw is an essential cutting machine, it should not be considered as any other ordinary device. Rather, before running a band saw, the user should know and follow some basic safety rules. Any inattentive and careless handling of this band saw can cause a serious injury in your body.

So, before starting your work with this band-saw, your first and foremost duty is to read and understand the guideline procedures of running it safely. Whether it could be vertical band saw, horizontal or battery powered band saw – all the saws have basic guide which are described in the user manual given with this band-saw. From user guide, you will come to know about the different parts of the band-saw as well as the safety instructions to operate it.

2. Precautious Steps For Operators

There is no room to forget that you are going to operate a cutting machine with a very strong, sharp and speedy blade which can be dangerous if you handle it like a toy.

So, it is inevitable to follow some significant pre-cautions for safety before you proceed to run the band-saw. Your fingers, hands, eyes and ears are considered to be at risk when you run a band-saw if you don’t take some pre-cautions. Your eyes should be protected from sawdust by wearing goggles and use ear protector to protect your ear from sawdust and machine sound. Avoid wearing loose-fitting or long-sleeve dress when you run a band-saw machine, otherwise your dress can bring an unexpected accident. If you have long hair, bind those and keep behind your head so that your hair can’t come closer to the blade which can draw you to the blade and accident befall on you.

Before start working with a band-saw, remove the jewellery from your body if you want to be safe. Ensure bright lighting over the band-saw table if you work at night. Be sure that there is no crowd around you so that you can keep yourself safe from unintentional collide with someone which can be the reason of your hands/fingers cut.

3. Machine Set-up for Band Saw Safety:

Before stepping forward to your work with a band saw, proper machine set-up following the user manual can drastically minimize any accidental occurrence and increase your safety. Some basic set-ups are always required to work with any cutting machine for extra caution.

Band saw users are also highly suggested to set-up the band saw carefully for safety before using. Check the band-saw if it’s in a flat and strong surface so that it doesn’t move or vibrate while you running it. Any single movement or vibration can pull your fingers or hands to the running blade and cut at a wink of eye.

In this regard, blade guard can save your fingers or hands from this sudden injury which is installed in the band-saw by the manufacturer. You should just check if it’s there in the right position or not.

band saw safety infographic

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4. Careful Operation of The Saw:

While cutting object, it is a must to be alert that your fingers or hands are not coming closer to the running blade. Push your objects to the blade very carefully and keep at least 3 inch distance from the blade. Never lean to the band saw too close while cutting. If there is something to clean on the table, don’t use your hand to do that when the band-saw blade is on. Rather, clean it after switching off the blade.

5. Tools Handling:

Proper tools handling is considered to be a very essential characteristic of any expert machine operator. But handling of band-saw tools is more important as it ensures the safety of the band-saw users.

Tools like blade, blade guard, motor switch etc should be handled properly for your safety. Blade guard should be adjusted at least 1/8″ or 1/4″ above the object you will cut.

Some band saw experts shares some helpful bandsaw tips here. you can check this too.

6. Cautious Handling of Cutting Objects:

Every band saw user wants to make their work more accurate by using the band saw properly. But there is no scope to pass by your safety for making your work accurate. No doubt, accuracy in work is highly required but at the same time band saw safety rules should also be prioritised. You should be cautious in handling the objects you are cutting. Specially when you are cutting small object  or making curved cut, you should be very careful in pushing and rounding your object with maintaining safe distance of at least 3 inch from the blade.

7. Blade Guard Should Never Be Removed:

Blade guards which are installed by the band saw designers is one of the most crucial band saw safety features. Blade guards are installed to prevent any finger-cut or hand-cut due to unintentional or unwary movement while the blade is running. If you somehow take your fingers or hands nearer to the blade to push the cutting object, the blade guard will save your fingers or hands.

So never remove the blade guard and always check if the blade guard is properly installed before you run the blade.

8. Adjusting Blade Tension As Band Saw Safety Step:

Loose blade tension can diminish your safety while running the band-saw.To use the bandsaw safely you need to adjust the blade tension property.Blade with loose tension can slip at once from your cutting object.If you keep your bandsaw idle for couple of weeks or you want to cut harder object, you need to tighten the blade for better cut but also keep in mind that over-tightening can curtail your safety as it increases blade breaking possibility.

9. After Use Safety:

Band saw blade can be deadly if it is kept in motion and unused. Never keep your bandsaw on after use or don’t get busy with other work keeping your bandsaw blade on motion.

You, your colleagues, your friends, your family members whoever are there in your work place will be safe for your after-use bandsaw safety initiative.

10. Blade Change For Safe Operation :

Durability of anything can be reduced after a number of use. Your bandsaw blade also can break any time while it is running. So to use the bandsaw safely it might be wise to check and change the several-time-used blade. Changing the old blade before use will definitely aggravate your safety.

Knowing and following the bandsaw safety rules might not be interesting to you for using a bandsaw in your work but it is a very little sacrifice for you to ensure your safety. Moreover following the bandsaw safety rules requires your focus in work which can make your work wonderful and make you more perfect than before.

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