Best Tile Saw For Contractor : Top Picks For Job Site Work

Recalling rightly, most of our dads gave in to becoming warriors when it came to cutting tiles and re-modeling homes with or without the lack of the right tool. Now, if you are a professional who took the precision work of tile cutting as a job, you know what a useful tool can do. There’s no decent replacement for a powerful wet tile saw. With these in mind, we think that the need for the best tile saw for contractors and amateurs is inevitable.

But like all the other good things in life, a good many hours may have passed till you found the right tile saw. Remember, if the comparison was as simple as checking prices, your work would be done in a jiffy. But it isn’t so, and you need to check for specs, performance, and build before you get your dream tile saw. Doing that for you, here is our summary.

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5 Best Tile Saw for Contractor

Here is a list of 5 best professional tile saws we added with well-researched that help you find out the best one.

1. DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile saw - Best Professional Wet tile Saw

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw , Best tile saw for contractor

The remodeling and construction industry is very fond of this one from DEWALT, model no. D24000S. This is the best tile saw for every type of contractor and hence has been mentioned first thing on the list.

The heavy-duty saw measures a hefty 10 inches of blade tipped with diamond and has an industry-standard of 1.5 HP. The blade is replaceable and resistant to corrosion. It is now easier to get a better finish thanks to the producible angles at 22.5 and 45 degrees on the saw. The saw also has the features of a built-in plunge cut and bevel and stainless steel built of the railing system.

For better outcomes in wet cutting, there is a 5-gallon water tank and dual nozzle on the machine. To add to everything, this easily transportable model cuts like new after months of operation. You can precision cut ceramic, stone and porcelain with the saw.

2. QEP 22400Q Torque Master Tile Saw​

QEP 22400Q Tile Saw for contractor

If that big of a saw from DEWALT was overwhelming to you, let us bring you down to this one from QEP that has a comfortable 4 inches of blade. When looking around everywhere else, we have seen an average of 7 inches of the saw on wet tile cutting machines. Then why did we settle for this little guy?

The continuous rim diamond blade is for those who aren’t sturdy and skilled tiled professionals. This one is the weekend achievers to like tile cutting as a hobby and enjoy making things for themselves or their homes. You can get a roughly tolerable cut on ceramics, slates, and stones with the help of this one. It has a plastic build, so you wouldn’t need to stress about corrosion or rust. This one also has a function of giving you adjustable angles in miter cuts. Although it is better suited for smaller tiles, using it to cut larger tiles isn’t impossible.

However, that would take time. If you are someone inexperienced, then hurrying with this one may give you chipped edges on the tiles. So the best way to work with it is to be slow and to pay attention. This is more reasonable to buy when you have small DIY work and need a doable tile saw.


3. MK Diamond 169612 Wet Cutting Tile Saw

MK Diamond 169612 Wet Cutting Tile Saw

Chipped edges aren’t really welcome when you are cutting tiles, and you need the right measurement for a precision cut. Do you know what else is unwanted? Heated blades. We know that increased friction generates heat. That is exactly what happens when you are cutting stones or tiles: the blade gets heated. But not anymore with MK Diamond!

If blade-preserving was a sport, the assortments from MK and their arrangements would baffle you. To start, you have a thermal protected and fully cased 1.4 HP motor on it that is cooled by a fan when overheated to prevent warming the blade.

Again, as your blade is doing its job of tile or stone cutting, the water distribution system on the model waters both sides of the blade, preventing its wearing. Also, if you are tired of things coming at you when the blade is running, the model also prevents that by keeping the harmful particles from flying at you.

It has a similar 10-inch blade diamond-tipped for a better cut. The blade frame is plated with zinc, so say goodbye to corrosion and welcome a long-lasting tile cutter. And adding to these is the durable aluminum guards that boast quality. Quite an elite saw!

4. Skil 3540-02 Wet Tile Saw - Best Tile Saw For The Money

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Many of us have this thought of not wanting to buy a tile saw. Why? Because it is easier to rent a tile saw than buy such expensive pieces that either have massive blades of 10 inches or a boiled down blade of 4 inches. For the skeptic ones, here is a wet tile saw that has an average blade size that comes reasonably well, from SKIL. which model is Skil 3540-02

Starting off, we have a corrosion-proof, and stainless steel made the top. The blade measures 7 inches and is encrusted with diamond. There is also a cooling system for the edge with the water reservoir that saves it from heating while running. You can quickly minimise dust when cutting tiles, thanks to this mechanism.

The model also has an adjustable rip fence using which you can have your straight and miter cuts done accurately. Many different cuts are possible with the fence and gauge running from 0 to 45 degrees.

5. Ridgid Wet Tile Saw With Stand 

Ridgid 8 All of the other ones previously discussed in the list are popular and well-known brands. Ridgid, however, is less known. But with the performance and functionality of their tiles, they are now becoming a good name that can be trusted and used by contractors and tile cutters. Both professionals and amateur users love this tile saw.

This wet tile saw comes with a foldable stand that stands near your waist. So you have a good standing position when working with this model, no dropping or bending over. It is both transportable and durable. The table is made of die-cast aluminum.

And it has a laser adjustment system. Under this system, you can guide your blade to cut the places you desire. It has an edge measuring 8 inches that, with proper laser guidance, ensures a stable cut. This practical and lightweight model is suitable for any amount of tile work and may have you enjoying it!


Bottom Line

You now have plenty of options to pick for from the best tile saw for contractors. Of course, what one model lacks, the other makes up. But there are models that have the right amount of likable and wanted features that will help you in tile cutting. Have your pick and start cutting!

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