QEP 22650Q Tile Saw Review

Qep tile saw

This review is all about the QEP 22650Q from the brand QEP. There aren’t many people out there who indifferent to how their home looks. Everyone wants to walk into a beautiful home at the end of the day no matter how big or small it may be. You will be glad to know that what makes a house beautiful is not its size, or the expensive paintings or chandeliers, or designer showpieces; it is in fact something as small a detail as its tiling. The perfect tiles that complement your décor with the right shade,

The perfect tiles that complement your décor with the right shade, shape and size has the power to turn a rather boring and bland house into an elegant and polished haven. But sadly, despite being very easy to do with the right tools, tiling is a very expensive and time-consuming part of home improvement.

So, to save the fortune that professional contractors charge for installation work, people have begun to choose to do it by themselves. And like mentioned before, this work is not as hard as it looks if you have the right working tool. By doing it yourself, you also have the freedom to customize and try out various tiling styles. With a little effort, you too can transform your house into something out of the real estate catalog.

But first, you obviously need a great tile saw, right? But getting the right one without putting a hole through your wallet is a tricky job since commercial tile saws can be rather expensive. I will review to you a tile saw that not only meets your budget, but is just as high quality and easy to use: the QEP 22650Q. Can it really do your job though? Let’s find out!

QEP 22650Q 650XT 3/4 HP 120-volt Tile Saw for Wet Cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile (Pack of 1)

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About QEP

QEP Co., Inc. founded in 1979, and started its journey with its first branded tiling product was a DIY (do it yourself) Bathtub Edging kit. This DIY edging kit was the first step of QEP’s ladder to success into the tool industry and from there on, QEP never looked back. It is now one of the most trusted and recognized tool brands in the industry, and has its reach in 80 countries worldwide as well as in all of US. But out of all of its product range, QEP is best known for its high-quality tile saws, In fact, the company has won The Best New Product award for one of their tile saws in 2014. In this review, we will dissect one of their popular tile saws: the QEP 22650Qto see if it is really worth the praise.

Features of the QEP 22650Q

The QEP 22650Q is a wet tile saw, and by now you may already know that a wet tile saw uses water in operation along with a diamond powder coated blade. This tile saw weighs 23 pounds and measures 20.08 x 15.74 x 9.88 inches in dimension. The QEP 22650Q has a 0.75 HP (horse power) motor, can generate upto 3600 rpm (rotation per minute), includes an extension table, 22.5 and 45 degrees cutting miter and an interior water baffle.

Power Features

The QEP 22650Q is an electric and corded saw that’s runs on a 0.75 HP/120V to 60Hz/4.8 amps motor consuming 120 volts and 550 watts. The motor power allows the blade go make 3600 rpm to glide easily through ceramics, marble, porcelain, granite, stone etc.


Blade and Cutting

The QEP 22650Q has a 7 inch diamond powder coated blade that makes 3600 rpm, which is relatively low for heavy-duty projects. But, one of the best features on this tile saw is that it can rip through materials as small and as large as its table can accommodate. It also allows the same flexibility for its diagonal cuts. This feature is not something that is offered by most tile saws, not even the most commercial and expensive ones.

Body Work

The QEP 22650Q is made out of high quality and durable steel that is going to last you years. One thing you will notice about this tile saw is that it is not as large in size as most other conventional ones, making it great for placing in any small corners of your workshop. Its flat table is one of the components that allow users to cut and rip materials in unlimited sizes. The table also tilts at angles to make sure you get the best angular cuts from using the miter. The saw’s internal water baffles cools down the heated blades, simultaneously catch dusts and powder while minimizing water spray and refills. In my book: the smaller the mess, the better!

Reviewer’s pick

Other than allowing an unlimited ripping inch allowance on the tiles, the QEP 22650Q has one other feature that shows off its most ingenious design: the extension table! The QEP 22650Q has an 8 inch extensive table that enlarges the already generous table to accommodate even large slabs of tiles. You just pull out the handles on each side and you have a large table in seconds!


  • The QEP 22650Q is a compact but powerful tile saw that will deliver throughout your projects without any problem
  • Great for amateur users and short, light-duty projects
  • It is compact
  • Feature a clever extension table for larger slabs of tiles


  • It has a rather low HP of 0.75
  • Very low rpm of 3600
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty and long-term projects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Will the saw cut glass?

Answer: yes, but you will need a different blade for it.

  1. Does it come with 1 blade only?

Answer: It include 1 blade only ( specialized for ripping tiles).


If you are looking for a tile saw for small to medium tiling and installation projects, then you definitely can think about this unit. It is great for light-duty use due to its small size. However, if you are an expert or a professional, I would not recommend this saw to you. This is because, despite doing a great job ripping tiles and all, it is still not powerful enough to handle professional grade heavy-duty projects. It lacks the standard HP and rpm to be able to work like a horse.

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