QEP 60020SQ Tile Saw Review

qep 60020sq tile saw

So, it is about 60020SQ Tile Saw from the brand QEP. Simply knowing how to use a hammer and nail just will not make the cut these days. People, especially amateurs, have begun to take construction work very seriously. Gone are the days when all that your grandfather knew, and used to do revolved around drilling nails into the wall for picture frames or tightening the loose bolt and nut on the kitchen cabinet; people have now become very involved into being able to do some very advance tool work without seeking professional help. But, whether you are an enthusiast who does construction work out of interest, or are a professional who belongs to this field, one area of construction work that is often a challenge for everyone is tiling.


Tiling floors, walls, or anything at all for that matter, is a very important but tricky part of any construction work. Even trained professionals manage to mess up tiling despite their years of experience and heavy-duty, expensive tools. Needless to say, tile work is therefore even challenging for amateurs. This often forced self-taught workers to step back from this particular terrain and leave it to the professionals. But thanks to recent manufactures of modern and user-friendly tile saws, the work has become tons easier for amateurs as well. I will be reviewing one such tile saw, the 60020SQ tile saw from QEP, to introduce you to the perks of having one right at your disposal. But, first let’s take a look into out manufacturer:

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About QEP

QEP Co., Inc. was established in 1979. The company’s first branded tiling product was a DIY (do it yourself) Bathtub Edging kit which first opened the door of success to QEP. Now, after more than 30 years later, QEP has become a very established and popular manufacturer of home improvement and installations power tools for tiles, porcelain and natural stone. QEP has its presence in all US states today, as well as, reaching 80 countries worldwide. QEP has always been committed to quality and innovative products to meet the industry’s challenges. In fact, they have won The Best New Product award for one of their tile saws in 2014. And, today we will be looking into QEP’s 60020SQ tile saw to see if it is worth the entire buzz.

Features on the QEP 60020SQ Tile Saw

The 60020SQ is a table-top wet tile saw. This type of tile saw have a diamond powder coated cutting wheel to cut through tiles. The 60020SQ tile saw weighs nearly 60 pounds and measures 40 x 24 x 20 inches in dimension (without the stand). It uses an electric corded power source, a powerful 2 HP motor, and features a dual-speed and dual-spray water system for even water distribution. This tile saw can cut tiles up to 24 by 24 inches, and also cut diagonally up to 14 by 14 inches. The saw also comes with a folding stand for resting the tiles and saw on, a 10 inch continuous wet diamond blade, a miter block, 45 to 90 degrees rip guide, wrenches and hex keys, along with a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts.


The QEP 60020SQ tile saw operates on a 2 HP/ 120V to 60V Hz motor which lets it easily glide through the toughest marble, porcelain, stone, granite, and of course tiles. It offers 2 speeds to ensure you can vary your speeds as per the working material that needs to be worked on. The tools has an rpm (rotation per minute) of 1750/2450, a 10 inch diamond blade with a cutting thickness of 3 ¼ of an inch. The blade of the tile saw is ensured safety and durability thanks to its high volume pump and dual-spray system. One more thing about this saw is that the 60020SQ tile saw uses 1500 watts, and 120 volts (compatible with North American outlets) to facilitate maximum users to operate it without having to use converters or adapters.


Apart from just offering 2 speeds, the 60020SQ tile saw also offers the user the liberty to manually change the saw’s rpm to accommodate different blades. This ensures that the blade’s rpm is always coordinated and complementary to the materials that need to be cut.

User Conveniences

The cutting table of 60020SQ uses a slide-tube mounting system for smooth and precise cutting. The motor is mounted on a study and robust steel support arm and mounting block for durability. The saw also utilizes an automatic thermal overload feature that prevents it from overheating and damaging the internal components. It also has a child-proof lock on and off switch to ensure additional safety. The best thing about the 60020SQ tile saw is that it is committed to preventing user fatigue as much as possible all thanks to its easy and swift blade changes, along with the easy to clean, rust-proof, fibre glass impregnated water tray.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the Amps on the motor?

Answer: The motor uses 15 amps.

  1. What is the length of the arbor?

Answer: The arbor is 5/8 of an inch; (16 mm).


  • The 60020SQ tile saw offers dual speed
  • It comes with several useful included items


  • QEP has discontinued many of its parts, making many of the 60020SQ tile saw’s parts difficult to find
  • It is rather too heavy and bulky for comfortable and constant use for more than a few hours


The 60020SQ tile saw is a great installation tool, undoubtedly. The saw clearly has some amazing features and components that make tiling a piece of cake. However, in my opinion, it lacks the stance of a heavy-duty tile saw. The saw’s bulkiness, though a problem, is still something that can be overlooked since users often get used to weight after a week’s use. However, many of QEP’s parts are unavailable, meaning once you are in need of any of its part, you are going to have to scour through the stores day and night, and I honestly do not think anyone has time for that. Having said that, I do think this tile saw is great for beginners and practitioners for learning and light duty purposes.


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