Chicago Industrial Tile Saw Review

Chicago Industrial Tile Saw

This is an article about Chicago Industrial Tile Saw and it’s details. If you are a part of the home improvement and contractor side of the profession, then you may already know by know how seriously home owners take their décor now. Everything has to be perfect, and even the smallest and silliest details matter to them.

Nothing goes unnoticed: the aged oak floors, the spray paint mistakes, the positioning of the chandelier. Funny as it sounds, it is almost like their OCD kicks in every time they walk in for inspection and progress checking. But if there is anything your experience in the profession has taught you, it is that every client most very specific and particular about their tiles. Whether the installation is on the floor or the walls, we expect it to be absolutely immaculate. If they do not like it, they will definitely be very loud and clear about it, trust me.

And you as a professional, have to oblige to the client’s every possible demand in the smallest span of time. But it is often easier said than done. There is a lot to installation than fitting tiles onto a surface like a puzzle. The tiles, bricks or whatever it is that you are working with has be carefully examined for thickness, has to be cut precisely to fit aesthetically, has be ripped in various shapes to customize the tiling and so on.

And with the increasing demand for exclusive installations, the conventional tile saw just does not meet the standard and expected quantity or quality. What you need is an industrial grade tile saw that will give the best output in the shortest period of time. So, to give you an idea about such saws, I will be reviewing the Chicago Industrial Tile Saw.

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About Chicago Electric Power Tools

Chicago Electric Power Tools, as the name suggests already, is American company that produces industrial power tools and machines for the professional market. The owners found this companya commercial acommercial machine solutions brand. Most of their products are made for the commercial industry as opposed to the general niche market. Chicago Electric Power Tools produce a great range of tools, one of them being very trusted and popular: the tile saw. We will be looking in Chicago Industrial Tile Saw to see if this mega machine is what you are looking for.

Features on the Chicago Industrial Tile Saw

This saw from Chicago Electric is an industrial, in size and output, tile saw. It is a wet tile saw meaning it uses water in its operation and as well as a diamond powder coated blade. This monster is designed to cut through bricks just as easily, making it a 2 in 1 machine. It has a large oversized steel frame with a linear bar. The saw has a powerful dual capacitor motor, a head that pivots to allow 22.4 and 45 degree bevel cuts. The saw also features an adjusting cutting head to adjust the blade. Chicago Industrial Tile Saw rips through large materials: 24 by 24 inch.


The Chicago Industrial Tile Saw is not playing around when it comes to its power features. This industrial saw runs on a powerful dual capacitor motor with sealed bearings. It runs on a good 2.5 HP (horse power) and 15 amps. Thermal power is there to secure the motor so that there’s nothing to worry. Given that this saw runs on a very powerful and protected motor, you can be sure that it is going to last you several years, if not decades, if cared for and used properly.

Blade & Cutting

The Chicago Industrial Tile Saw uses a 10 inch diamond powder coated blade to rip through tough materials like butter. The saw’s head pivots to allow bevel cuts of 22.5 and 45 degrees which give you the liberty to cut out in various styles. The saw also features an adjustable cutting head that allows you to adjust blade for standard tiles or bricks up to 3 ½ inch thick. This industrial machine is strong enough to glide right through most materials like natural stone, marble, brick, granite etc in a matter of seconds!


The Chicago Industrial Tile Saw has a generously oversized stainless steel frame that has a linear bar system to ensure that your material smoothly glides through the blade. This control gives you clean, crisp cuts each time. It has this heavy duty cast alloy cutting head to reduce vibrations during cutting as much as possible. Because Chicago Industrial Tile Saw is a wet tile saw like we mentioned before, it uses a water pump to douse water onto the working blade to cool it down and prevent overheating, and also catches dust and discarded particles from the ripped material. This saw uses a built-in 3 gallon per minute water pump for the purpose, and comes with a removable, east to clean and high-impact ABS water tub.

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  • The Chicago Industrial Tile Saw is an excellent choice for tough, heavy-duty installation and cutting projects
  • Has a high HP of 2.5
  • The built-in water pump and high volume capacity, removable water tub is great because the user does not have to change and refill it so frequently


  • It does not come with anything the than the saw itself; no standing table and not even the blade
  • Not suitable for amateur use

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Is the saw’s water pump removable and replaceable?

Answer: Yes, it is removable and you can also replace it.

  1. Will this saw cut an 18 by 18 inch tile diagonally on centre?

Answer: Yes, it will do it perfectly.


The Chicago Industrial Tile Saw is one monster of an industrial saw to have if you are a professional or expert. This saw ticks all the right boxes to make sure your tiling project is running smoothly and effectively. While it does disappoint with the absence of its standing table, I guess that this is still a small price to pay for such a high performing tile saw. You will not regret buying this for sure.

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