How To Cut Pavers With A Wet Saw Easily

how to cut pavers with a wetsaw

When it comes to the question of cutting and designing in your paving work, obviously a wet saw should be appeared in the first position of your required tools list . You may see some people using general tile cutter in their paving work but for doing massive project and getting immaculate cut efficiently and comfortably the wet saw is second to none. Pavers are one of the varieties of tiles or stones or bricks that are extensively used in the exterior flooring of buildings, sideways of the roads, parking and walkways. Outstanding features of diamond- coated blade and water splashing system have made the wet saw a master among all other cutting devices for cutting pavers flawlessly and shaping as per your requirement.

Are you thinking how it works? Don’t worry we are here to make it simple for you to learn how to cut pavers with a wet saw. If you have a workable wet saw and proper knowledge about how to cut pavers with a wet saw, consider that your brick or pavers cutting work becomes very easy for you.

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Surely, you want to cut the pavers or bricks with tile saw accurately & efficiently at a great ease for any paving work. That’s why we are trying to teach you how to cut pavers with a wet saw by illustrating below some widely recommended and applied processes of cutting bricks with wet saw.

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Before you start cutting your pavers, there are some primary set-ups you need to do and some basic precautions you need to take for uninterrupted work with maximum safety.The first task you need to do is proper positioning of your wet saw.Your wet saw should be positioned at a flat and robust surface so that it can’t vibrate while working. Vibration can reduce your accuracy in cutting edges and corners of the pavers. After settling your wet saw properly, you should focus on checking the blade and if you find any rust or crack or deep scratch, change it to get smooth and flawless cut. In addition, defective blade can curtail your safety as it breaks abruptly and can bring you unwanted injury. Since you are using a wet saw which sprays water onto moving blade, you and your surrounding can be dirty with the dusty water. So dress yourself accordingly and place your wet saw at such a place that can be messy. Now, some other supplementary things you will need to cut pavers with your wet saw-



As the name implies the wet saw is special for its water cooling system. Though some modern and advanced wet saw are combined with a water pump and water reservoir, in using general wet saw you need to make arrangement for water flow to the blade. But in both cases your important duty is to fill the tank with adequate water before you start cutting pavers.

Since the pavers you are going to cut are hard material and made of stone or ceramic or clay, the diamond-implicated blade makes friction and creates dust that can generate smoke, heat and most alarmingly abrupt pavers or blade break as well as injury.

But you don’t have to be tensed, your wet saw will prevent pavers break and will provide you clean and dust-free cut which is possible for its water cooling system. When the blade runs, the motor pulls the water from tank and splashes onto the moving blade to cool down and wash away dust. So, to cut the pavers with your wet saw accurately, it is a must to fill the tank with water and ensure appropriate water-flow onto the blade.


marking pavers before cutting

You must have proper measurement and floor plan for your paving work. In your approach of learning the ways to cut pavers with a wet saw, proper marking as per your specific required measurement is an exigent task.

You may need to cut the pavers in various sizes and shapes as per your floor plan. So, take a pencil or marker and draw line with it on the pavers to cut accurately as per your needed size and shape.Then it comes to the issue of fence adjustment straight to the marked line of the paver you are cutting so that you can get immaculate cut.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple to do this – just grab the saw fence and drag it to the blade until it comes to the right position. Just make sure that the fence is parallel to the drawn line and the blade is on or over the line so that no devious and inappropriate cuts come. Never forget to turn your wet saw off when you do the fence alignment and after every cut.


At the time of cutting both small and big sized pavers, sometimes it gets troublesome to handle the paver you are cutting. Moreover, if you can’t handle the paver properly when the blade moves, it may conduce serious injury and bring about imperfect cut. Always be careful that your hands are not coming too close to the moving blade. Try to keep enough space in the pavers after marking so that you can press and keep the pavers static on the table or floor.

But if there is very narrow space in the paver to hold and move, use any plastic or wooden or metal stick instead of your hand to push the paver into the running blade. Some manufacturers make it quite easy for you by attaching a tray for the cutting material. In this case, you can just push forward the tray to cut the paver.


You may need to have many diversified cuts with different size and shape as per your floor plan. Your wet saw is an expert to get you many diverse cuts such as bevel cut, diagonal cut, partial cut, complex cut, straight cut, notch cut and so on.To get straight cut you just keep the blade on the marked line of the paver and start your saw and then slowly push the paver into the blade. 

If you want to make notch in your paver, you should make some parallel cuts of 1/4 inch gap on the area you want notch. Then remove the cutted parts with tile snipers to get your desired notch. Bevel cut is made on the edge of the paver for decorative purpose to make transition to another paver or floor when there is large gap between the pavers. To get bevel cut you should cut the paver with your wet saw at 45° angle. 

To make diagonal cut put the blade on the drawn line and align the fence with the blade, then slowly push forward the paver to cut. For electrical wiring or any other obstacle you may need partial cut such as L- shaped cut on your pavers which you can get by cutting it until it reaches to the desired depth.

Last but not the least, in your attempt of learning how to cut pavers with a wet-saw we would prioritise your safety more than any other issue. By now, you have already got a picturesque idea to cut the pavers accurately and safely with your wet saw. Our approach of posting this instructive article will be fruitful if you can make desired cut securely and flawlessly within expected short time.

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