How To Cut Porcelain tile -Step by Step Guide.

Are you thinking about how to cut porcelain tile ? To Cut a porcelain tile is a lot like cutting any other tile types. At the end of the day, they are all tiles and though there will always be those variations, the core of it remains the same. In this article, we will look at how to cut a porcelain tile at ease without any risk of harming thyself. We will start from the things that you will be needed to the actual steps that you are going to perform.

Simply follow the steps and you will always have ready to use, perfectly cut tiles.

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Things Needed to Cut Porcelain Tile

These are the things that you will require to cut a porcelain tile:

  • A measuring tape
  • Chalk line
  • Tile cutter
  • Grout
  • Thin-set
  • Painter’s tape
  • Mastic
  • Self-leveling cement
  • Safety goggles


Tips for Cutting porcelain Tile

  1. Before we get into the actual action, it is important to give you guys context about what to do and what not to do. This section is dedicated to that. The most important tip that I can give you is that if it is your first time, make sure that you buy a bit extra tile before starting anything. You are going to need it. In case you do not have to use the extra bits, you can always prepare something decorative out of it.
  2. Another most important thing that many do not consider is safety. When you are cutting aporcelain  tile, always wear safety goggles. This is the minimum that you can do, right? Cutting a porcelain tile does not ask you to take extensive safety measures. Goggles are important because your eyes might get hurt with a tiny piece of tile even without noticing. This will be deadly and there is no reason to take that risk.
  3. The last thing to remember is that if you need to do any adjustment when you are cutting a tile, do not just go for it right then. Simply place your cutter on a safe position and unplug the device. After you are done with that, go for the change. This is a simple instruction but it can potentially save your life. Tile cutters are powerful enough to cut you too if given an opportunity.

How to Cut Porcelain Tile

Let’s address the elephant in the room. How do we cut porcelain tiles? These are the ideal set of steps that you must follow if you want to make it a successful cut. Remember that the porcelain tiles are one of the hardest ones and you will need a powerful blade to cut this type.

Step 1: Mark Everything

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Make sure that you are marking out every little thing before actually getting started. You can use either a chalk or a regular pencil for this purpose. A chalk would be better because pencil marks are difficult to notice. One inch here and there can ruin everything. Therefore, be very cautious when you are marking the tile.

Step 2: Scoring

Once you have marked everything, it is time to do the scoring. Simply take your tile cutter and score the lines from every angle to make sure that the cut comes out as a clean one. Before you start scoring, you should make sure that the tile is properly leveled with the cutting head.

Step 3: One Push at a Time

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After marking and scoring, it is time to start the cutting phase. Simply make sure that you are cutting with one push at a time. You shouldn’t push the cutter too hard nor too lose either. Always hold the cutter with a hard grip because as soon as it gets a touch from the tile, it will start shaking.

Step 4: One Side at a Time

You won’t be cutting a tile in a flow. You will always cut the tile with one side at a time. This is vital because not only you will face the risk of accidents, you will also face the potential risk of damaging the entire tile if you try to do too many things too soon.

Step 5: Be Gentle

Try to be gentle in the whole process of cutting the tile. After you cut one side, be very careful when you are moving the tile because the ends will be sharp and pointy. Take your time in the whole process and every time you change your tile, make sure that you are turning off the cutter first to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Cutting a porcelain tile is a lot like cutting a regular tile. With a good wet or regular cutter, it won’t be difficult for you to do the process. If you have too many to cut, it is always advised to go slow. You will often feel desperate about cutting tiles if you have too many of them. Be patient and you will always be able to cut them perfectly.

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