Top 5 Reciprocating Saw Hacks You Should Know Before Using It

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This is for you who are looking for diversified reciprocating saw hacks to make their any cutting work better than before. If you are going to cut varieties of material such as wood, plastic, metal, stones or anything else without changing your cutting tool, you must have a reciprocating saw in your hand. Any DIY guy or house-remodeler or wood-worker or construction worker always depends on using reciprocating saw for their cutting purpose since it is also known as “sawzall” meaning it can saw anything at ease with the right blade installed. Its manifold capacity of cutting varied materials makes it versatile for anyone in any workplace.

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Know A Reciprocating Saw:

Even if you have circular saw, meter saw, jigsaw and so on in your tool-kit which might serve you in single purpose, you can’t help buying a reciprocating saw because of its diversified tasking capacity such as drilling, ripping out, slicing, cutting, reshaping specially demolition work. This electrically powered saw’s compact & hand-held design with the facility of changing blades anytime is also called recip saw in short. It’s usually found in corded or cordless Recip saw with rubberized handle & LED light. It can cut anything with its push & pull feature which is measured by SPM (strokes per minute).

Multipurpose Reciprocating Saw Hacks:

Let’s have a look on some reciprocating saw hacks along with practical experiences about how it preforms in various tasks.

1. Sawzall - Saws Everything With Different Saw Blades:

You can squeeze the maximum utility of the reciprocating saw if you choose the right blade for cutting any specific material in any workplace. Installing the required blade you can cut various things just as follows….

  • Like hacksaw you can cut any metals such as steel, aluminium, copper, cast iron and so on with a reciprocating saw if fine-tooth blade is installed.
  • For cutting tiles, stone, bricks in construction work, toothless but coated abrasive blade is the best option.
  • You need to use a coarse blade for cutting wood, even you can cut wood lumber with embedded nail by this all-in-one recip saw.
  • If you want to cut through plastic or plasterboards, it’s better to install the coarsest tooth blade.

2.How To Cut and Trim a Tree With a Reciprocating Saw:

You might be familiar with the chain saw for limbing tree but with a reciprocating saw in hand you can both cut & trim the tree brances as you wish. Well, let me share with you how i cut and trimmed some of the shaggy trees & plants with my recip saw in my garden in last summer.

As a DIYer i was in a fix how to make my bushy garden neat & clean. Then after talking with some expert saw-users, gardeners, DIYers and saw-sellers, i found the recip saw is the best fit for my requirement.

Generally it is sold with 6 inch long blade but you can also buy and install upto 12 inch blade for cutting large dimensional tree. I used 6 inch blade for pruning the unnecessary saplings & small tree brances, then 12 inch blade for cutting down the large brances and trees. To trim & cut the large branches, first i pruned the small branches and then i positioned my reciprocating saw at the outset of the branch and after that i started to run the strokes to cut.

3. How To Cut Metals With A Reciprocating saw:

reciprocating saw hacks - metal cutting

Are you looking for something best cutting tool for your demolition work or construction work or plumbing or DIY metal cutting work?? Well, then you need to have a reciprocating saw in your hand – a master of metal cutting. May be, a question is peeping in your mind now and that should be “How can i use this to cut metals?” Ok, i am here to minimize your confusion & unveil the unknown reciprocating saw hacks to you which will lead you to buy a recip saw immediately. What you should know first for cutting metals with a recip saw is the selection of saw blades.

Yes, you need to pick up the new rust-free, coated and highly abrasive toothless reciprocating-saw blade before going to cut any metal. Once you insert the right blade, you need to set your recip saw firmly on the target position of the metal you want to cut and then start the push&pull service of the saw. Of course, you can control the motion speed of the saw by speed trigger. Just make sure that your saw is not vibrating after starting work.

4. How To Make Plunge Cut With A Recip Saw:

If you are a wood-worker, you must have the experience of making plunge cut and surely you know about the difficulties of making plunge cut at the middle of wood. It’s excellent if you use the reciprocating saw already but if otherwise let me introduce you the smoothest & finest cutting tool for plunge cut as well as straight or curve cut – the reciprocating saw. 

All you need to do is making a hole on the point of the wood or anything you want to make plunge cut. Then push your recip saw blade on that hole and make your desired plunge cut. You should be thankful to this saw for its copact drill-like hand-held design that makes you enable for plunge cut. With the right wood-cutting coarse blade installed, this will give you the smoothest & finest plunge-cutting experience.

5. Use Of Reciprocating Saw In Narrow Space:

reciprocating saw hacks - using in narrow space

It has already been proved that a reciprocating saw can saw all in wood-working, plumbing, construction working and demolishing. But what if as a DIY guy or a house-remodeler you want to decorate or reset the interior of your house? No worry, you can trust on using recip saw without any hesitation due to its compatible design.

Where any other saw fails, recip saw can show you the way to cut there. Window, door, cabinet, wooden ceiling or anything with tight space can be easily reshaped or cut by using a recip saw. You can thank to its drill-like compact hand-held design with thin blade for which you can cut anything smoothly in any narrrow space.


By now you have acquired some significant basic reciprocating saw hacks which will be helpful for you to decide owning one or start using the already bought one. But still there is something very crucial which you should know before operating a reciprocating saw and that is safety issue. Without following safety tips such as wearing eye protector glasses, gloves, ear protector etc. this saw might be ineffective and harmful to you, even if you use it in different purposes. Another significant thing before buying this saw is to consider your requirement because you may find different recip saw in the market with different extra features.

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